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Friday, September 28

Review : One Of A Kind Album [BRONZE EDITION]


I've been learning korean and yes, it was fun and I liked it! So yeah, a greeting to all readers in hangul. :D
So, if you know me well, you would have know that I'm already a crazy big fan of BIGBANG, or specifically GD! :D

And on 15th September, he released a new mini album, One Of A Kind. The silly me actually asked my bigbang kaki, Suzanne, to help me buy it from the online site she usually buy from! But heck, the response for GD's album was so good that it was not available for preorder anymore! D:

I was desperate enough to keep hunting from every other online buying sites I can find to preorder that album! Found a few but according to Suzanne its expensive! So I ended up with no choice but to order from YG's eshop!


YGeshop provides you with the best wrapping that makes you feel worthy of every penny you spent! Even the box looked so amusing! Got my parcel on 26th, and I swear that's the best day of September! :D Friends actually asked why is the box so long since I only purchased an album!

The answer is : POSTER! 

the box :D


The parcel went through 2565.80 miles (figures from google :D) just to reach me!

From Geonggi-do, Seoul to Penang, Malaysia. :D

. . .

And now, I shall reveal the content of the album as requested by my fellow VIP friends.

poster tube and album.

promised to give one to Suez :D

a closer view of the album cover.

19+'s warning sign.
I find it amusing. ㅋㅋㅋ

side view!

. . .

Basically, its like what GD showed to everyone through his live countdown video in Naver.
But damn, it feels so special to be holding it yourself! damn touched wtf!

all the photos (its a hard piece of card, yes! :D) of GD and models.
yes, the GOLD VERSION'S photos will be of GD only.

GD's card!
Oh yes, this card appeared in CrayOn's MV! The one he used to scratch head. LOL

Lyrics booklet! :D
More korean words for practising! HAHAHA

And lastly, the CD!

Honestly, this album is like the best shit ever and it definitely is worth every single cents I paid! The front cover is even spongy, like those marriage photo album's cover. HAHAHA. Everything feels so G to me now! 


I bought the BRONZE EDITION because I think that the BRONZE'S cover is slightly nicer than the GOLD'S EDITION. Not to mention the CD. :P

FYI: the GOLD EDITION'S cover is a crucifix. So does the CD.
Go watch GD's live countdown video to see the GOLD EDITION.

If you are interested in getting the album, you can get it from YGeshop. 

This was the stages the album had to go through before reaching.

And now, some vain photos of ze' proud owner :D

dirty mirror! LOL

In case you don't know, I changed phone. My Nokia served me well and as an honor to it, I'm keeping it, safely, in my drawer for now! HAHAHA.

Thanks for reading! 
(its almost 4am when i completed this post :O)


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