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Thursday, December 31


Its the last day of 2009 already!
Am going to blast it with dearie EXCOs.
WAIT for my super cool post!

Tuesday, December 29


As my title has said, many of you will think that i am super outdated for watching this awesome movie.

Fyi, this movie is based on a real story.
There really was a ship named TITANIC in the early 1912.
I had watched this movie for countless time.
but everytime i watch it again, it gives me a new idea about life.
People, you should watch it if you think your life sucks.
of course, Leonardo DiCaprio is so so so so charming!
however, he sucks now. maybe cuz he is already old.
(this movie premiered in 1997-12 yrs already!)
good movies should be remembered. haha.
so watch it people.
Learn to appreciate your loved ones,
before its too late.

their love is stronger than everything else..

the classic scene.

If a guy is willing to sacrifice for me like what Jack did to Rose, this guy is worth me dying for.

Btw, great year of 2009 is coming towards its beautiful end.
Every great start will eventually come to an end.
Lets open our arms for a greater year :: 2010!

Countdown to 2010: 3 days.

love you guys. goodnight.

Friday, December 25

Christmas eve.

a big fat HAPPY BIRTHDAY to...
 Farahani Asyikin Maszli
Happy 19th Birthday!

Time flies.
Its already the end of 2009.
And its already Christmas!!
Hanged out with besties.
Its been a long time since i hang out with them.
Ohh, i miss those moments!
Pics will do the talks:

smiling sue wen:)







more pics uploaded on facebook

at night, went yam cha with oldtimebuddies.
yenchern, kooikeat, peishin, sista and brotha.
and we did an unofficial countdown for christmas!

me: merry christmas!:)
yenchern: whatever:|


peishin's hand, brother, sista.

yenchern felt that i am embarassing.
so he decided to cover my face.

smoker wanna be.


merry christmas folks.

Have a blessed Christmas.♥


Wednesday, December 23

no title.

today i went to SIS's school to help her to finish up her Prefects Board.
when i walk pass a hallway, in front of their PR(prefect room), i saw the words above beautifully written and painted big on the wall. i felt that its nice so i took a picture of it.
in the next second, i totally agreed what that is written.

Leadership is Action not Position.

so to those "SI GILA KUASA"s out there, mark that word.
and remember it.
its not about the position you are holding.
so what if you are not the President of your club or society?
if you are capable, people can still see you through your performances.
every position play an important role to make something successful.
don't try to be LOA and go bodek teachers to get high pose. Idiot.
no offences.
but, siapa makan cili dia terasa pedas lorr.


GOOD LUCK.. PMR candids of year 2009.
tomorrow will be the day.
take a good sleep tonight and be prepared for tomorrow.
i am quite sure that alot of you will be crying your asses off when you see your results no matter its good or bad.
so please drink more water.
just hope for the best and prepare for the worst.
goodnights. xoxo

Tuesday, December 22


Baby got a new blog.
Check it out.

Monday, December 21

RC Nite 2009

We Are You-nique!
We made it.
Cantek macam bunga!
RC Nite 2009 was totally awesome.
Pics will do the talks ::

Fyi, its not a carpet. Its made of rice(not cooked one).

Suez and I.

Sheila in her saree.

Suez in her saree.

Aiman, the photographer.

my table, EXCO'08.
Table 109.

Sapura, Wen, and Pei.

Sapura and Wen.

Me, in saree.
I don't really know what it is.LOL
But, i know i am short.

Malay, Indian, Chinese costumes.
One Malaysia, We Are You-nique.

Gosh, i am missing it already.
It was nice to see so many seniors to gather back for such events.
no doubt,
I ♥ RC!
Thanks to everyone that contributed a little of your magic to make RC Nite a grand succes.
And thanks to B-Team 2009 that pull off TWO great performances!

Random pics, during Sir's birthday.(:
I love ya'all.

with love.

Hello New Blog.

Alright. i start to hate my old blog so i decided to create a new one.
So, hello new blog! (: