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Wednesday, February 24

made me LOL.

Okay, i skipped the Penang Day #2 post.
Because there are too many pictures and I'm super lazy to upload it.
call me lazy bump.
When I have more time then I'll post it okay..

This few days i have resumed to work.
Worked my ass off.
This few days were onlining in the midnight.
burning midnight oil. LOL
And end up waking up late in the next day.

So, i needed something to LMAO.
And i decided to share it with you guys.
love me not!

.Here we go..

it sucks right when we can't have all three.

i love this quote.

More to come!
and this made my day night.
Tomorrow's another day!
Going HQ!



Tuesday, February 16

Penang Day #1

Day #1 in Penang!
Totally awesome!
Let the pics do the talks alright.
Not in the mood to type long essays.
Gambling awaits! Haha.

Penang bridge.

conditions in the ferry.


mom and aunts.

Thats all for noon, and night...

G for Gurney.

at the beach.

sista, again.

me, soryeung.

the best aunt in the world!

chill and relax moments.




off to gamble!
Adios. =)


Facebook had been such a bitch!
Keep cannot log in.
Ugh, rawr rawr!



Penang, here i come!!

wait for my update!

Monday, February 15

CNY, Valentines, Birthdays..

The date::

14th February 2010

brought up 3 different celebrations this year!
Its a hattrick! LOL~

First, Chinese New Year!
Second, Valentines Day.
Third, Fong Ling and Kiri's birthdays.

This kinda things only happen once in your life! Three big things in one day huh?!
Tell me, how often you bump into such things??

Happy Chinese New Year
to Chinese people.
get more angpao and win more gambles.=)


Happy Birthday, Valentine's Baby!




Thursday, February 11


Today I am not working.
So stayed at home. its been quite some time since i stayed home for more than 5 hours except at night. o.O
Because of what?
Because of work lo.
My life is really getting lifeless.
I hardly can think of a topic to blog.
Not to mention i don't have the time sometimes.
My life is turning into a routine.
Work, eat, sleep.
And the cycle goes on and on..
what a shitty life i have.

I am really looking very forward for CNY!
For a hangout with friends.
For a break from my lifeless life.
For all the ANGPAO that are going to come in. =)

Oh, i seriously cannot wait to meet all my NS friends that are coming back for CNY!
I really missed you guys badly.
Especially Kooi Keat, it feels like a few thousand years since i met or hear her voice..

I'm waiting for you, friend.

I shall end this lifeless post with a goodnight kiss, muahh~

Tuesday, February 9


Stop pushing me!
I'm already trying my best to do everything perfectly okeh..
Can't you see that i am busy??
It's not like i intentionally wanna procastinate it.
Please don't expect everyone to be as free as YOU are, idiot.
don't like it, just kick me out laah.
i don't really care anymore.!

Saturday, February 6


"Happiness is not a matter of good fortune or worldly possessions. It's a mental attitude. It comes from appreciating what we have, instead of being miserable about what we don't have. It's so simple—yet so hard for the human mind to comprehend."

paste this in your mind to keep yourself contented with what you have, bimbos!

Thursday, February 4

just for the sake of updating..

Am not working today. So at least i don't feel that tired, and thus I am here blogging! HAHA
Oh my dear blog, do you have any idea how much i missed you?

Anyway, back to the point.
Today, i was supposed to attend the VAD 43 meeting on House Warming Party. But i was late for half an hour. screw me. And i got to work with a lot of new people like Sue Huey, Hany, Khadeeja, Kiretharan and etc etc...and of course the old team, MEB 08! These people are really some awesome stuff! I loved working with them. And i learned how to change the blog layout! From Khadeeja. Finally! haha.

After the meeting, went on a TRYING SPREE kononnya with Suey Erz at Aeon Bukit Tinggi. LMAO! No doubt, it was super fun! although there are only two of us. Actually, everything turns out to be fun with my baby along!=) no matter what it is. For me, i managed to sapu two tops while Suey Erz was really on a Trying Spree. Fyi, she managed to wear a super nice top from nichii till it became a scuba suit. HAHA. If you had seen it, you will laugh your ass off like what Suey Erz and I did. HAHA. Before i forget, met Ju Ann and her boyfriend. Never did much, just said "Hi". And that was it. Reach home at 630pm. Did not make it for the dance class. FML.

This was a super delayed update, i CUT my hair last week. Did nothing much, just chop about half inch and there was no drastic difference. WTH. I wanna dye my hair! But i don't have the guts! FML again.

And this was my new hair,

told ya, no drastic difference.

CNY is coming. And i haven't got my salary. Can't do much without some penny. This sucks!
Miss Lee, saya mau gaji saya laah!!!