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Monday, March 25

Penang : Food Heaven

So ashamed to say this but after studying in Penang for almost half a year, I finally went out of Penang Island and into the mainland. Haha. Yeah I know, what a loser right! But heck, how to go if you have no car! ;(

There was no intention of going to the mainland for fun. We had an assignment for our course where we were asked to create a map. Since my teammates are from Bukit Mertajam, they suggested us to do a food trip over there for the map. And hence, off we go!

Slept over at Kym's place as all the yummy foods are either selling VERY EARLY in the morning or LATE at night. And thanks Kym for being the tour guide around :)) As to not waste this trip to Bukit Mertajam, Kym showed us around as well.

Auto City.
This is like the coolest place over in Penang. I heard that it is always packed and crowded especially during public holidays. They have a very unique market (something like JayaOne's Market) everyday from 7pm-12 midnight if I'm not mistaken. Over here, you can find all sorts of beauty stuffs, clothes, bags, accessories and shoes. Bought two pairs of earrings and 1 pair of legging. 
Suey Erz will love this place. Haha.

After spending time over in the market, Kym brought us for supper at the famous Duck Egg Fried Kuey Teow! Yes, you are right, this is the one where the uncle cook by using CHARCOAL. Very very very famous. This plate of Fried Kuey Teow is seriously no joke as we waited for almost 1 hour 30 minutes for it. 

Duck Egg Fried Kuey Teow.
Do not be fooled by the unappealing appearance! 
It's worth the wait and the price is fairly reasonable too. :)

the crowd waiting for the Duck Egg Fried Kuey Teow.
Note that most tables have no food yet and it was 11pm when we arrived.

Fried Kuey Teow uncle doing what he does best. LOL

The next day, Kym brought us to Peh Kong Cheng, which is a famous morning market over at Bukit Mertajam. Woke up so early for the sake of good foods. Tried 3 kind of foods at here.


Kueh Chap.
It was okay but I don't take animal's internal organs so the whole bowl of ingredients were kinda wasted. I personally preferred the one I had in Georgetown during my interview. In case if you don't know, read here

White Wantan Noodles.
RM 3.00
Tastes like those in my hometown. But way cheaper. 

Bitamok. (米苔目)
RM 3.00
The noodles look like Lou Shu Fun, but it don't taste like it. Kym added some chilies to make it taste even better! Btw, the noodles is self-made and it was sold out at 10am. Waited for 30 minutes for them to bring more noodles over. Never seen this in my hometown so I guess this can only be found in Penang! Definitely worth a try!

Had our lunch at a normal-looking kopitiam. The shop look so normal but their foods were superb! Restoran Sentosa is famous for their yam rice and almost every table have it. But we don't take pig's internal organs so we didn't have it. There's another bomb there which is the tart! The tarts are sold out before it even come out from the oven! People actually orders it beforehand!

This is actually called rojak in my hometown. But over here in Penang, their rojak is those with fruits while we call those ROJAK BUAH. Haha. Culture barrier?

Chee Cheong Fun.
(Klang one better haha)

Egg tart.

Siew Pao.

Didn't get to have their famous "Pou-Tart" because it was sold out already :(( Heard that for the Pou-Tart, the egg will flow into your mouth once you bite it but the outer skin is still crunchy! Gahhhh. Must come back again for it! 

In a nutshell, Penang is really a food heaven. If you're planning a foodtrip to Penang, don't focus only in the island area but also the mainland area. Butterworth and Bukit Mertajam really has a lot of good and cheap foods to offer. You'll not be disappointed :)


A good deed for the day.
Btw, i don't remember the Red Crescent in Klang having Flag Day. :/

In case you wanna locate all the food spots mentioned above, kindly refer to the map below :

This was our assignment and the starting point is from our university. 
Good luck exploring :))

Thursday, March 21


I guess it's about time for me to announce that,


*does the Gangnam Style*

So yeah, my initial intention was to apply for student exchange (which usually requires one semester) but the procedure is so tedious and most probably I have to risk extending my study for another semester, which will make my degree 4.5 years! :O

I can't afford to do this because my scholarship will only support me for the shortest period of completion of my programme, which is 4 years. And thus, I applied for Summer Programme instead! Kak Nurul and Kak Farah from the International Office is more than helpful, although quite fierce to help me apply for the programme.

I gotta say, I was really lucky because at first they wanted me to fund myself fully! In the end of the day, I'm only required to pay half the amount. (although its still quite alot) OTL. So, this coming semester break, I will be going to Gwangju, South Korea for ONE MONTH! :DDD

*Gwangju is the hometown of Lee Gwang Soo (Running Man), Seungri (BIGBANG) and Yunho (TVXQ) btw*

Can you feel my excitement?!!!

So much thanks to my parents for allowing me to go! iloveyouguystodeath. Whats even better, is that after this Summer Programme ends, I'll be staying back for 9 days in Seoul! To add icing to the cake, my BEST FRIEND is coming to join me! *squeals* We have been talking about travelling to Korea since last year and its finally coming trueeee! 

So touched you won't even understand. *wipe tears*

So people, please don't ask me to hang out during the mid semester break, I need to save a lot a lot a lot of money for this trip! Heh. But mamak yumcha is no problem. LOL
Back to my topic, so for the Summer Programme, USM is sending a total of 16 students. Sadly, I don't know anyone of them and most of them are postgraduates. Thanks to the wonderful Facebook, I found out that one of the participant is also from Klang! Better yet, mutual friend with Suey Erz! What a beautiful coincidence. Hahaha

Small world indeed.

the awesome feeling when someone acknowledge you as their best friend.

We both know it deep down, but it just feel 10x sweeter when it is conveyed verbally :)

However, this means that I'll be in Korea for around 5 weeks. :O
And most probably I'm gonna miss GD's concert in Malaysia! NOOOOOOOO.
Perhaps I can catch him in Incheon airport coming back from concert as compensation lol.
And I wanna meet some kvips! xD

Monday, March 18


I remember, this very day last year, it was my STPM result day.
I woke up nervous, worried and scared.
I knew exactly how I did during the papers.
I knew that miracle don't happen all the times.
I got my result and I was disappointed.

My engineering dream was crushed into pieces.
Teachers told me, its still possible to go for engineering courses.
Just don't aim too high.
In the end, I applied for Engineering courses in all my upu application.

Ironically, I'm currently doing Communication in USM.
Because I did not get any offer from upu. Just USM. :)
imagine how devastated I was.
Communication was a course that everyone says I can handle, it suits me and etc.
So I went for it.

3 weeks before enrollment, I applied for a scholarship meant for Communication students and I got it.
This motivates me even more to continue with my choice.
God does not shut your door before opening another one for you!
I believe strongly in this because I experienced it first hand!

This is my story.
To all my juniors out there, no matter how good or how bad you scored, just remember :

Sometimes, scoring 4.00 does not mean that you'll be given the course that you want.
Few cases happened to the 4-flatters in my batch and one actually went to private university.
Sometimes, getting offered a course that you have no gut to say you want in the first place (like my case) might just opens you to other opportunity.
Sometimes, God has already prepare someting BETTER for you.
Be brave, don't doubt yourself.

All you have to do now is to EMBRACE your result. 
What has been done is done. 
You gotta learn to make the best out of it. 
No point sulking over it now.
Start doing research and try to get the best of what you have.
Find alternatives on how you can achieve what you want with what you have (your result).

If you need advice, ring your seniors. 
Ring seniors who are currently in the university you want to apply to.
Ring seniors who scored something similar to you.
Ring seniors regarding anything you need to know.
And just so you know, I'm just a few clicks away. 
Feel free to ask me anything, I'll try my best to help :)

I wish you all the best in your university applications. :D 
Fyi, USM is a beautiful place. Haha

p/s : if your result is good, start looking for scholarships! if your result is average, go figure how to apply for PTPTN! Don't wait, do it now :D

Sunday, March 3

Planet Radio.

I swear, not having a smartphone in university is the worst thing ever to happen to you especially when you're a Communication student. Thanks to some thief, my S3 got stolen and now I'm left with an old school Nokia phone. It has been 10x harder to stay active on social network without a smartphone, let alone taking pictures and updating my blog as frequently. (yes. blame my sis for spoiling the camera during her trip to China). Recalling all these, my life has been pretty pathetic :((

Thus, sorry for the lack of photo. 

As I mentioned above, I am a Communication student. Last Saturday, USM was lucky enough to have few of the famous radio announcers around Malaysia to drop by for an event called, Planet Radio. Truthfully, I'm inspired by so many of their real life stories about how they ended up being radio announcers and not anything else. 

They too gave us a very good picture of how the radio industry works, and what kind of talent they will need in the future. Seriously, not only Communication students can work in this industry. Some of today's radio annoucer, for example, JJ (who's currently on air at RedFm) was an engineering graduate. 

If you think you have what it takes to be a radio announcer, give it a shot! Life is short like that and its all about taking risk! B-Man (what a name right), a radio announcer from Best 104 got his job simply by going for a voice casting! 

It was by far, the best (and by that I meant not boring) event in USM for me! So many radio stations cruisers/ryders/troopers were there giving out goodies! Thank you for the generosity!

my roommate, Lalithaa, got this shirt when they were giving it out on stage! So lucky of her to get a shirt of her size! Or else, I'd have asked her to give it to me. Haha

JJ. Such an awesome guy.

Ryan Dealwis (RD) from Hitz.

and many more..

Not that I wanna sound racist, but fact is fact. When a malay DJ is speaking (Farah Fauzana) the malays cheered the loudest. And when the indian radio announcer legend, Ananda (idk if its right) from THR gave his speech, the indians cheered like mad. I don't really listen to chinese stations, so I kinda cheered for everyone as long as they gave a good speech. Have you ever heard of Cats FM? Because the DJs were quite cool in the forum, so I think it should be a great radio channel. :)

In the end of the day, I learnt a lot from this Planet Radio forum. We shall see where this Communication road will lead me to.. 

I am looking forward for my future. :)