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Thursday, March 21


I guess it's about time for me to announce that,


*does the Gangnam Style*

So yeah, my initial intention was to apply for student exchange (which usually requires one semester) but the procedure is so tedious and most probably I have to risk extending my study for another semester, which will make my degree 4.5 years! :O

I can't afford to do this because my scholarship will only support me for the shortest period of completion of my programme, which is 4 years. And thus, I applied for Summer Programme instead! Kak Nurul and Kak Farah from the International Office is more than helpful, although quite fierce to help me apply for the programme.

I gotta say, I was really lucky because at first they wanted me to fund myself fully! In the end of the day, I'm only required to pay half the amount. (although its still quite alot) OTL. So, this coming semester break, I will be going to Gwangju, South Korea for ONE MONTH! :DDD

*Gwangju is the hometown of Lee Gwang Soo (Running Man), Seungri (BIGBANG) and Yunho (TVXQ) btw*

Can you feel my excitement?!!!

So much thanks to my parents for allowing me to go! iloveyouguystodeath. Whats even better, is that after this Summer Programme ends, I'll be staying back for 9 days in Seoul! To add icing to the cake, my BEST FRIEND is coming to join me! *squeals* We have been talking about travelling to Korea since last year and its finally coming trueeee! 

So touched you won't even understand. *wipe tears*

So people, please don't ask me to hang out during the mid semester break, I need to save a lot a lot a lot of money for this trip! Heh. But mamak yumcha is no problem. LOL
Back to my topic, so for the Summer Programme, USM is sending a total of 16 students. Sadly, I don't know anyone of them and most of them are postgraduates. Thanks to the wonderful Facebook, I found out that one of the participant is also from Klang! Better yet, mutual friend with Suey Erz! What a beautiful coincidence. Hahaha

Small world indeed.

the awesome feeling when someone acknowledge you as their best friend.

We both know it deep down, but it just feel 10x sweeter when it is conveyed verbally :)

However, this means that I'll be in Korea for around 5 weeks. :O
And most probably I'm gonna miss GD's concert in Malaysia! NOOOOOOOO.
Perhaps I can catch him in Incheon airport coming back from concert as compensation lol.
And I wanna meet some kvips! xD

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