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Friday, September 28

Review : One Of A Kind Album [BRONZE EDITION]


I've been learning korean and yes, it was fun and I liked it! So yeah, a greeting to all readers in hangul. :D
So, if you know me well, you would have know that I'm already a crazy big fan of BIGBANG, or specifically GD! :D

And on 15th September, he released a new mini album, One Of A Kind. The silly me actually asked my bigbang kaki, Suzanne, to help me buy it from the online site she usually buy from! But heck, the response for GD's album was so good that it was not available for preorder anymore! D:

I was desperate enough to keep hunting from every other online buying sites I can find to preorder that album! Found a few but according to Suzanne its expensive! So I ended up with no choice but to order from YG's eshop!


YGeshop provides you with the best wrapping that makes you feel worthy of every penny you spent! Even the box looked so amusing! Got my parcel on 26th, and I swear that's the best day of September! :D Friends actually asked why is the box so long since I only purchased an album!

The answer is : POSTER! 

the box :D


The parcel went through 2565.80 miles (figures from google :D) just to reach me!

From Geonggi-do, Seoul to Penang, Malaysia. :D

. . .

And now, I shall reveal the content of the album as requested by my fellow VIP friends.

poster tube and album.

promised to give one to Suez :D

a closer view of the album cover.

19+'s warning sign.
I find it amusing. ㅋㅋㅋ

side view!

. . .

Basically, its like what GD showed to everyone through his live countdown video in Naver.
But damn, it feels so special to be holding it yourself! damn touched wtf!

all the photos (its a hard piece of card, yes! :D) of GD and models.
yes, the GOLD VERSION'S photos will be of GD only.

GD's card!
Oh yes, this card appeared in CrayOn's MV! The one he used to scratch head. LOL

Lyrics booklet! :D
More korean words for practising! HAHAHA

And lastly, the CD!

Honestly, this album is like the best shit ever and it definitely is worth every single cents I paid! The front cover is even spongy, like those marriage photo album's cover. HAHAHA. Everything feels so G to me now! 


I bought the BRONZE EDITION because I think that the BRONZE'S cover is slightly nicer than the GOLD'S EDITION. Not to mention the CD. :P

FYI: the GOLD EDITION'S cover is a crucifix. So does the CD.
Go watch GD's live countdown video to see the GOLD EDITION.

If you are interested in getting the album, you can get it from YGeshop. 

This was the stages the album had to go through before reaching.

And now, some vain photos of ze' proud owner :D

dirty mirror! LOL

In case you don't know, I changed phone. My Nokia served me well and as an honor to it, I'm keeping it, safely, in my drawer for now! HAHAHA.

Thanks for reading! 
(its almost 4am when i completed this post :O)


Sunday, September 23

The day where everything went wrong.

WARNING : This post is gonna be full of curse words. If you can't take it, please don't read it.

Living outside on your own is difficult. Especially in a place so foreign to you. Everything is new and you have to learn everything all over again.

Yesterday, I got lost in Penang.
I took a bus and ended up in somewhere I didn't know. :(

This was how it happens. 

I was supposed to meet up with Lynne, Apple and Suzen to go Queensbay Mall at 12 noon. But i overslept and they went first. So I was supposed to get a student cab and go Queensbay on my own. 

I had five, five fucking student cab numbers and none of them were available! What the fuck!

So I had no choice but to take the bus. Apple told me to board 304. So I took the RST shuttle all the way to Aman Damai and walked to Sg. Dua's gate. What a luck I thought when I see a 304 bus once I stepped out of the gate. Paid RM1.40 for the fare and I'm good to go. I some more happily texted Lynne that I boarded the bus and will meet up with them real soon.

I was happily looking outside the window and enjoying all the heritage prints Penang has. Usually student cab will take around 20 mins to reach there, so for a bus and considering the bad traffic I estimated for an hour journey. 1h30mins passed. And I still don't fucking see Queensbay Mall. Dafuq?! 

So I went ahead and asked the driver and he said he passed by Queensbay Mall long ago! Trust me when I say my mouth turned to an "O" shape! Then I asked where are we now and he told me Pulau Tikus and is heading to Gurney! Motherf, I had no fucking idea where the fuck is Pulau Tikus! So the driver asked me to get off the bus and go to the opposite road to board back the exact bus to go Queensbay. Which proves to be a fucking wrong decision. Waited for half an hour and all I see is 101 bus. Already so unlucky some more got trolled by the bus driver. Fuck my life -.-

By that time, it was already 3.20pm and they were waiting for me to catch a movie at 3.50pm. Thank god for a thing called cab. I tooked a cab and the driver drove me to Queensbay. Turns out, Pulau Tikus was somewhere near Georgetown (which is fucking far away from USM). Paid fucking RM20 for the cab. Reached Queensbay at 3.45pm and rushed to the cinema to watch Dredd.

My day can't get any worse because that movie sucked! Its all about killing and killing and killing. And the visuals are gross! FUCK.

Met Jun Hau and his girlfriend in Queensbay and had some chit chats. Told him about my miserable experience of taking the wrong bus and he asked, did I crossed the road at Sg. Dua? After he asked that question, Apple snapped and said "Oh ya hor, I forgot to tell you that." Holy shit! Apparently, I was supposed to cross the road to the opposite and board the 304 bus for us to get to Queensbay Mall. The bus that I took earlier had passed Queensbay Mall and is heading to the opposite direction of Queensbay! *facepalm* Thank god I wasn't a cry baby and I wasn't even panic about taking the wrong bus and ended up in some place I don't know. So proud of my calmness wtf!

The conclusion is, it took me 3 hours to get to Queensbay Mall. 讲出来笑死人! -.-

Well, shit happens.

On the brighter note, I know which bus to board to go Gurney/Georgetown now. 

Lesson of the day : Never wake up late when you have an outing plan!

Experience is the best teacher. Explains my situation perfectly.

Thursday, September 20

Uni Life : Week 3

Annyeong readers, I've stepped into the 3rd week of university life.
3rd week away from hometown.
3rd week away from family. (the longest I've been so far)
And everything is fine. :D
No sign of homesickness, still surviving and fighting! :D

I have to admit that my lifestyle is changing. The one thing that was most significant is definitely cloth-washing. Well, call me pampered of whatever you wish, but i don't really wash my clothes when I'm at home. My supermom always does it. So, this is a really huge milestone for me in life. Haha. Well, I can't say the clothes I washed are 100% clean, but then, no sign of foul smell or itchiness while wearing. So, I passed myself! Hehe. The pullback, washing clothes does take a toll on your skin! :/

Thank god I have this amazing hand cream from Body Shop to save me from rough hands! :D

Second significant change will be the people around me. I miss my buddies, my excos, my kehpoh, my Byy, my B! Apparently, the people here are pretty lifeless (or those I'm considered close with so far). No one has a night life, which made me kinda sad. Because I sorta has a lot of freedom now, but the people here are just.. meh. They prefer to stay inside their hostel instead of hanging outside. I can't take this man! Complained to sis and she laughed at me! :(  *no offence yo, if you assume I'm saying about you, too bad cuz I don't give a damn!*

Need to get to know/close to cool people.

How I miss all my sporting asses! :(
yes, you! 

I assume i'm doing a great job taking care of myself so far. Still exploring USM. I hope I'll get to meet some awesome asses soon. 

Thanks for reading.


Monday, September 17

Kem Pimpin Siswa.

So this Kem Pimpin Siswa is the annual freshman camp for all USM first year students. I love camping but I gotta say this camp is a total crap, not challenging at all. Perhaps I was spoiled by Kem Tutti Fratelli. Oh wells. 

Fyi, my camp is called Kem Cinta Alam Kelimat (CAK). Funny name, i know. Even the fasi's are funny. There's one named Shelby(who is a boy) but his attitude is totally bitchy. Btw, the facilitator tried to hard to be strict with us and I find it totally stupid. C'mon, we are already university students. Treat us like adult. -.-

This was where the camp was held.
Funny name again.

Basically, this camp is the most redundant shit ever. They serve us 4-5 meals everyday and the amount of calories taken and the amount of calories burnt is inversely proportional :/

But the activity was a lil crazy! They made us go jungle trekking at 2am in the midnight! OMG! Thank god I was the first team, so I'm walking behind the person in charge with a torchlight! One of the team actually got lost! :O And they punish us in the most absurd method ever! UKUR PADANG! They basically ask us to roll across the field, continuously! 

Imagine, they ask us to roll right after meal, for being late to gather at the field! IF YOU'RE LATE, THEN YOU ROLL BITCH! Or they punish us early in the morning for singing Negaraku without semangat! Seriously?! After you made us jungle trekked 2am in the morning and coming back at 5am?!!! So many people got sick and couldn't take breakfast! DERAAAA OMG! Thankfully, no life was lost. That was sarcasm. Lol

But, I did get to know a lot of awesome people! Funny people, serious people, nerds, geeks, lalabengs, lala-lians, you name it, I met him/her. Knowing new friends has always been the best part about going camping! :D

Meet my camp mates ::

Shiau Fen from Kedah!
Damn, she's a football addict!

Btw, the 69 on my sleeves marks the year USM was established. 
What a number, if you know what i mean. HAHA

Kai Diy and Shaun.
Kai Diy is the quiet type that makes u like him for no reason!
He's taken btw. HAHA
Shaun is my coursemate! And he just can't stop smiling -.-

Shiau Fen, Victoria and Cheryl!
From Selangor to Kedah to Sarawak to Malacca!

A pic with the pen. kem kom. 

These are part of the awesome peeps I met.
Pics courtesy of Shiau Fen :)

In case you are a freshman entering USM soon, be prepared for this camp. It is not exactly that tough but I cannot say it will be the same for all as all the first years (approximately 3000+ people) will be separated to different camp sites around Malaysia. Mine happened to be in Perak.

Welcome to USM :) 

Friday, September 14

New path.

So, I've been in USM for two weeks now.
First week was all about orientation. And camp.
Orientation was rather boring. 
Its always taklimat, taklimat and more taklimat.
Some taklimat are really informative while most are just to fill in slots to kill time, in my opinion.

And I have to say, those people like vice chancellor(VC) or deputy vice chancellor(TNC) are really trained to talk elaborately. They can talk for hours and I still don't get a single main point they trying to make. Put that aside, because I survived orientation :)

p/s : this orientation is nothing compared to the Form6 one. MPP are much more fiercer than the PPSL! Talk about bad experience. HAHA

Camp was normal only too. I can't expect much because most of the campers are just first year degree students so they are not too fit. Thus, camp was so so only :/ Well, maybe partly its because Tutti's standard is too high and I kinda expected something tougher. Sucks for me.

Week two, lectures started too. I must say I'm pretty thrilled as I did not touch any academic books for the past nine months. Brain is slightly rusty too. Haha. So far, all is well. Most of the lectures are doing an introductory to the course only. Oh btw, I took up korean language! Can't wait to understand what Jiyong oppa is saying! HAHAHA. 

Best part of the timetable, I got no lecture on Friday! So, every Thursday feels like TGIF to me now! WOOHOO

So now, some pictures to share :

the main hall of USM, Dewan Tuanku Syed Putra (DTSP).

top view.

front view.

side view.


My room sucks. Because my roommate sucks. So no picture of that. Fml.


Back to orientation week, the best program through out the orientation is none other than Walkrobik. Every desa (the hostels) actually prepared cheers for the cheers competition and are ready with all the banners, mascots and identities. Too bad it rained, so we had to do it inside the hall. I swear to you our VC is super sporting because we did Gangnam Style for aerobic and he did along too! Where else to find such sporting VC?! HAHAHA. My desa (Restu) won for the best PPSL, but we lost the cheers competition to Tekun! :(

the mascots.

spot all the banners and identities! credits to Chuah Wen Xu...

Its the end of Thursday and my long weekend has officially started. 
I gotta find stuff to do to kill my Saturday, Sunday and Monday.
If only Suez is here :/ 
(or maybe Tan, Kim or Pang.)

Life sucks without some BFFs!
Anyway, I'm an official USM student now.
Hopefully I'll live the next 4 years in peace.

failed attempt on photo editing.
how to score A for Desktop Publising :(( fml.

call me a mahasiswi. LOL


Wednesday, September 12

Singapore Trip : Day #3

Last day in Singapore! 
After an awesome trip, it is normal for you to feel heavy-hearted to leave that certain place right?
This trip has no difference.
The most reluctance place to leave is non other than Berry Nice!
Because it is really berry nice! :/

Must. go. back. again!
Nuff said :)

my excos!

Nanny decides to join!

Singapore's collection by Suez! :)

Took many many shots with Berry Nice background! 
Took few with the staff there too. But idk where are those photos :/
Didn't managed to snap with Irfan(?) the cute staff there! :(




If you were to visit Singapore via backpacking, this hostel is totally recommended!
Visit their blog here.

random. haha

leaving some message in the guest book!
Oh, we pasted RM1 there too! :D

Had McD for lunch, McSpicy!
Better known as Spicy McDeluxe here! LOL
Fyi, Sg has no tax or whatsoever! 
Msia, y u no tax-free?! :(

Then its home time!
Again, taking train takes forever to reach! left at 130pm, reached KL at 930pm! 
Serious trolling! 
Wasted whole day in the train doing nothing except sleep and snap pics and gossip!
lesson : take the flight instead! save so much time!

half awake.

last group photo!

my dear Byyy! :D

Thus, the end of the trip planned for almost half a year!
Many thanks to the planners who planned till half dead, and beared with all the ffk-ers and sudden additions!
You guys rocked! :D

Kim is in UM.
Pang is in UniMas.
Adrian(lol) is in UniMas.
Andy is in UMS.
Ai Chin is in UMS.
Min Yee is in UMS.
Suez is in UMT (leaving soon. LOL)
Peng Lan is in UPM.
Jia Yap is in UniMAP.
Peik Lai is in UTAR.
Lawrence is in UTAR(?).
I am in USM.

Yes, we are all over Malaysia. 
Thank god for all the great times we spent together. 
Though we might have taken a different path in life, but its not the end of our friendship.
Our friendship still has a long way to go. 
All the best to all of you and may we meet in the future as a better self.
I love and am missing all of you.

Yours truly,

Thursday, September 6

Singapore Trip : Day #2

Day #2 was the best day of the whole trip! 
We spent the whole day in Resort World Sentosa!
Best part of it, is non-other than Universal Studio Singapore!

We were joined by an Indonesian family staying in the same hostel as they don't really know the way to Sentosa. 
Kim is like a gps in Singapore. HAHA

before boarding the monorail. :)

early bird catches the worm!
beautiful sunshine :)

Reached USS 1030am and the queue was long like crazy! :(
Its actually a bad thing because you have to queue like mad to play any ride!
Anyways, we are still very much excited about it!

At Hollywood, ready to explore!

take #2

p/s : the map provided was really helpful in finding your ways to all the rides in USS.

ze' souvenir shop!
damn regret I didn't get anything from USS.
And I came back with SGD80. -.-

The first mascot we saw was..


The workers there were damn cheeky! The female woodpecker actually banged me with his/her butt, continuously! LOL

Next up,

Charlie Chaplin!
This dude really look like the real Charlie Chaplin! #respect

p/s : its a shame and regret that I didn't get to see Marilyn Monroe, my favourite femme fatale icon :(

By this time, we are at New York already. Sesame Street stuffs were everywhere and Suez was uber excited! LOL.

at The Brown Derby.

Next up, to the Sci-Fi City! Thanks to Ardy's recommendation, my first ride was the Transformer and it was epic! Queued for like 20 minutes for the ride. It was considered short already -.-

ready for the thrill?!

while queueing..


second round totally recommended!

Moving on to the roller-coaster!
They have two, the human(red) and the cyclon(blue) ones!
I personally preferred the CYCLON one because its much more scarier than the HUMAN one.
Screamed my lungs out! LOL

After Transformer and roller coasters, we were all very tired and exhausted already! Went back to Hollywood for the biggest pizza everrrr! 

20' pizza! Yums!

 ready to NOM! :D

Due to the big crowd on that day, we decided to get the EXPRESS TICKET!

yeah bitch, express!

Next up, Ancient Egypt!

too ugly, so must censor! LOL

with the pharoahs!
I pity them cuz they have to maintain the few same poses for every people that snapped picture with them.
But hey, hot abs! LOL


#likeaboss! taken by Lawrence.

Went Revenge of the Mummy with the Express Tickets and no queue at all! Feels like VIP and a boss! LOL.

Jurassic Park!

The rides were so so only! During one of the water rides, sat on the same boat with a lady with two children.
Apparently, they are singaporeans enjoying the post national day holiday. Thanks to the lil' boy, he actually told us what's gonna happen at certain part and so on! SO POTONG!
But he damn cute! HAHA

## idk why there is no photo in Far Far Away (Shrek). 
But, the 4D movie was really good. And the seats were too comfortable the made you sleepy too! LOL.

Went back to Jurassic Park for a water show! Damn all those stuntmen and stuntwoman! Cuz they were so amazing! AND HOT TOO!

sat at the Wet Zone! LOL

After the show, it was about 530pm already. So we went back to Sci-Fi city for another round of roller coasters and Transformer! And then, photo time!

Frankly, USS is so beautiful that you can spend the whole day snapping photos there only. But of course, don't be that stupid, go enjoy the rides!



And thus, the end of USS!

group photo is a must! :D

Went for dinner in Malaysian Food Street. LOL! can't live without malaysian taste i guess.

Then, back to monorail station and headed to Sentosa beach. 

Second highlight of the night, 


Took the cable car uphill and took the luge ride down! HAHA.
Apparently, we were quite late as they were closing already. So we only managed to go for one round, BOOHOO :(

tired faces!

my Byy! :D

Then, headed home and called it a night!

must SS in the monorail one. XD

back to MRT station, and did the infamous CheeHong pose! :D



Singapore Day #3 coming soon! 
Thanks for reading :D

p/s : did you guys know that I'm already in Penang? Its been almost a week and I'm doing fine. Orientation sucks but still surviving. Going for camp tomorrow! Hee.
4 more years to go! HAHA.