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Wednesday, September 12

Singapore Trip : Day #3

Last day in Singapore! 
After an awesome trip, it is normal for you to feel heavy-hearted to leave that certain place right?
This trip has no difference.
The most reluctance place to leave is non other than Berry Nice!
Because it is really berry nice! :/

Must. go. back. again!
Nuff said :)

my excos!

Nanny decides to join!

Singapore's collection by Suez! :)

Took many many shots with Berry Nice background! 
Took few with the staff there too. But idk where are those photos :/
Didn't managed to snap with Irfan(?) the cute staff there! :(




If you were to visit Singapore via backpacking, this hostel is totally recommended!
Visit their blog here.

random. haha

leaving some message in the guest book!
Oh, we pasted RM1 there too! :D

Had McD for lunch, McSpicy!
Better known as Spicy McDeluxe here! LOL
Fyi, Sg has no tax or whatsoever! 
Msia, y u no tax-free?! :(

Then its home time!
Again, taking train takes forever to reach! left at 130pm, reached KL at 930pm! 
Serious trolling! 
Wasted whole day in the train doing nothing except sleep and snap pics and gossip!
lesson : take the flight instead! save so much time!

half awake.

last group photo!

my dear Byyy! :D

Thus, the end of the trip planned for almost half a year!
Many thanks to the planners who planned till half dead, and beared with all the ffk-ers and sudden additions!
You guys rocked! :D

Kim is in UM.
Pang is in UniMas.
Adrian(lol) is in UniMas.
Andy is in UMS.
Ai Chin is in UMS.
Min Yee is in UMS.
Suez is in UMT (leaving soon. LOL)
Peng Lan is in UPM.
Jia Yap is in UniMAP.
Peik Lai is in UTAR.
Lawrence is in UTAR(?).
I am in USM.

Yes, we are all over Malaysia. 
Thank god for all the great times we spent together. 
Though we might have taken a different path in life, but its not the end of our friendship.
Our friendship still has a long way to go. 
All the best to all of you and may we meet in the future as a better self.
I love and am missing all of you.

Yours truly,

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