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Monday, February 28

Reunion : SK(2)JBT.

Its been a long time since i last mention the name of my primary school.

So, we had a small gathering yesterday.
A last minute plan but was rather successful.
Many faces turned up, and i miss them so much!
Those who made it : ChuanHoong, Christopher, KeanKiat, CheeYuan, SenChen, SueWen, Ciuyi, Zoey, ShuEe and Mua!
Perfect 10! =)

What happened that night ::

testing 1 2 3..

The guys,
missing : James.

The girls,
missing : Sue Wen.

and she joined us after an hour late.

dear Ciuyi..

Now, photos with the guys ::

CheeYuan, the latest to arrive.

KeanKiat, the Casanova.

FuYuan, the Star.

Mr.Star again..

ChuanHoong, the Star's secretary.

Last but never least, SenChen the Jimui!

the awesome peepos!


ChuanHoong's bald head was the highlight of the night. So, we honoured it with a picture like this! ::

ahem, idk what zoey was trying to do..

Talking nonsense was what we did the whole night.
Nevertheless, the momentum was there.
Seeing these long unseen faces was really reminiscing.
I thanked God for i schooled at SK (2) Jalan Batu Tiga.
the coolest primary school in town! ♥

Photo credits : Sen Chen.
Camera : Nikon D3000.

Tuesday, February 22

STPM inspiration!


Dear Lord,
I'm not a greedy person. I just want a straight As for my STPM. Even if its 4A- I will be thankful already.
I know, not aiming the top is what a loser do. But, the bigger the hope, the bigger the disappointment. So yeah, straight As will do.

Just in case you don't know, my pressure level increased again. Pfft. Sis got 4 FLAT! F her right, but I'm damn proud of her too! Haha. Mr Guna said it in my face that my sis was a good role model of prefect. And expect me to do the same. Dies!

Okay, off to study. Physics homework is piling up. =(


You deserved it! all your sleepless nights burning midnight oils finally paid off! Haagen Daz! Yay

Saturday, February 19

Gotong Royong Perdana!

So, as usual, the annual event of school ; gotong-royong.
Seriously, i never attended such event during my lower secondary school life.
Guess people do get mature and do what they should do.

First on the list - PR room. It had successfully been transformed. So many dusts i encountered today. Pfft. Reports on the way. =)

Secondly - 6A1. We actually painted our class. There was so many arguments about which colour to pick and we ended up with apple green and sky blue. weird combination i know. The outcome, i got no comment. And the sky blue actually turned out to be sea blue. wtf. I'm so jealous of Suez's class now! =(. Our class turned out to be so kindergarten-ish btw. Kelas terceria to-be! Nevertheless, we had fun painting our class. I finally felt the feeling of teamwork again.

Still, my class ROCKS the most among all the other classes. people, its time to learn to accept the fact. =)

Took some photos while waiting for the paint to dry ::

Monitor a.k.a B!

our tee matched perfectly. =)

back to basic-peace pose.


and passerbys from 6A2 and 6A3.

Lastly, sneaked out to library for a while and camwhored with Song Chiang's awesome handphone!

messy hair.

Rushed to Physics tuition after that. A fruitful day i'll say.
And I'm calling it for the day.

As Mr. Moay said, life is never fair. And its fucking true. So, I'm gonna accept all the unfairness just the way it is. Time to rise like a diva! I'm making a comeback! Mark my words, I am.

Wednesday, February 16

February is a bad month

What the hell is wrong with everyone??
Is it too pathetic for you to celebrate Valentine alone?
Dating someone just to show that you already moved on from your previous realtionship?

What is wrong with people?

Tuesday, February 15

you call that love, i call that despo!

Have you ever came across to know that your ex is currently dating your best friend?
Or your friend is dating your another friend's ex?
Or your current bf/gf dated your one of your friend before?

For example, today X was with A and few weeks later X hooked up with B. Note that A and B are best friends.
Wtf right.

I seriously cannot accept this kind of random shit okay.
Do you think he/she will be the right one for you because he/she dated your friend and they didn't make it to the end.(the end as in marriage)
Just because he/she dated your friend you consider yourself understand him/her well?

I call this pathetic people thirsting to end their singlehood.
Do you think is cool that today A and B and C and D are couple then tomorrow A and D and C and B become couple?
Sharing is caring? o0o

These people are just desperate to be in a relationship.
Relationship shouldn't be like this.
Relationship is about lasting forever.
About you wanting to be with that person for the rest of your life.
People who are doing that just don't understand what love is.
You guys are just so pathetic.

No offence, just my two cents.

Monday, February 14

two hearts, that beat as one ♥

Happy Valentine's Day peepos!
My title cun right, got it from today's The Star! =)
Today is so full of love even on Youtube and Google noh!
Check it out ::

So, have you got your chocolates, roses and present from your loved one?

As for the single ladies,
Happy Single Day too!
you're single, and you're still surviving!

I sincerely wishes you couples out there to be able to last forever with your loved one. Cheers 


Sunday, February 13

Postponed : Wen Ying's Farewell.

Oopsy, so this was a super delayed post on Wen Ying's farewell.
She left for Taiwan to further her study already.
I'm definitely gonna miss her dearly- no more cold jokes, no more gossiping.
Imagine how dull life will be without her. =(

And so sorry Wen Ying i missed your final farewell at your house last Friday.
And now, i don't really remember what we did on that night because this post overstayed in my draft for so long already.

So pictures will do the talking ::
photo with B is a must!

next up, kkloo.

a PHAILED lan yeh shot.

And that night, i gave my first time to them too.
My first visit to I-City. loser i know.

touched down safely at I-City.

gang of the night! \m/


And thats briefly what happened in that night.
Home sweet home at midnight!

the awesomeness of Physics students!
this picture so CNY right.. haha

have a rest for now!


Stay tuned,
Sor Wen.

Friday, February 11


super love my hair!

Hey peeps, so its been a week since school reopen.
Cny is almost over too.
Tuition resumes too.
Back to that lifeless life again i guess.

So, how was your CNY?
Mine was kinda normal, or rather nothing special.
Angpau is getting lesser and lesser too.

Gambled and lost alot too.
Btw, took very less picture during CNY.
Don't ask me why..

Visiting friend's house is a must and this year, the best was ::

Jin Tzen's house!

Visited his house on the fourth day and sixth day of CNY. His parents was super sporting and his brothers too.
I think its a gene in his family to be joker. Lame joker especially. Haha.
Ate, gambled and lost, chatted and bathed in his house!
Super love his house's lighting.
They made pictures look good!

So lastly, i would like to end this post with a picture of me and him ::

the Jin Tzen's pose!
*sorry for the messy look.

photo credits : Jin Tzen!

*skipped cross country today, fml!

Thursday, February 3

Happy Chinese New Year!


Be nice and get more angpaus aite.
Win more in your gamble too!

Update coming soon.