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Monday, January 28

We Love Asia Music Festival

This is quite a late post because the event took place on last week. 

In case if you don't know, this event was a two-day event happening in Sepang F1 Circuit (where GDA happened few days back). I was more than happy to be standing on the same ground GD did few days back. Haha. fangirl syndrome.

For this event, we had to thank ChurpChurp for giving us 4 tickets to the show! To make things better, I actually won 4 tickets and Suzanne won another 4! But I gave mine to Sue Wen as the first day was the same as the Nuffnang Skytrex day. 

p/s : I only attended on Sunday.

So my gig partners were non other than Suzanne, Wiron and Ruby! I gotta say they totally made the night worth it. Frankly speaking, non of us were those hardcore clubbers. So the music and everything was not really our type. The three of them went on Saturday and the event was more than only music festival.
They have game stalls set up for all the attendees to have fun. And heck, lots of freebies were given out too. Among them were t-shirts, light rings, lighter, free food tasting, pendrives and handprint pictures.

We actually got tossed into the water just to win the shirts! Thank god make up was light that night.

the shirt lights up with the beat of the music!

The atmosphere for the whole night was really high as people are just dancing everywhere to the music blown out by the DJ on stage. A lot of people were smoking too which make it highly uncomfortable. I was not surprised to see many young girls smoking. But it was really a sore to the eye. 

We actually got a special backstage pass from the party rock crew people and we were at the backstage throughout Redfoo's performance. It was really random but we actually got free boozes and real upclose with the party rock crew! :D

Did I mention Redfoo asked everyone to put their middle fingers up and he took off his pants during Sexy and I Know It performance! CRAZYYYYY


If you love clubbing, I got to say you missed a lot of fun that night! Thanks again to ChurpChurp for bringing us to such a great event. :))

Semester break has been awesome so far xD

Wednesday, January 23

Review : Skytrex.

Three days after coming back from Penang, I made my way to Bukit Cahaya for a getaway with Skytrex! So much thanks to Nuffnang for having me there. :)

Well, this is not my first time going for Skytrex. I went once few years back with my EXCOs and we went for the Big Thrill Challenge. This time, I tried the Extreme Challenge instead :))

To be honest, Extreme Challenge isn't too different from Big Thrill. It's just that Extreme Challenge has higher heights and more number of obstacles. Personally, I prefer Big Thrill over Extreme Challenge because I find the ending of Big Thrill is slightly more dramatic (where u end with flying fox) while the ending for Extreme Challenge is a bit.. meh. Maybe I'm a tad bit more extreme, so I expected more.

If you are an adventurous person, I strongly suggest that you go for Extreme Challenge! Climbing upwards to the height is no joke! It wears you out, in a good way :) And no, fear of height is not a problem because when you're up there, all you focus on is on the obstacles instead of the height. 

I was thankful for the weather that day. No sunblock needed at all. :) 

chilling with fellow bloggers before the challenge.

Nuffnangers with Nuffies :)

Before we start the challenge, we were briefed by very experienced instructors there about what we were about to go through. Everything was explained in detail and the instructors were all friendly. Gloves and water are strongly recommended for Big Thrill and Extreme Challenge. Fret not if you do not have them. They are selling it at RM3 per pair and renting a bottle holder for RM1.


waiting for the gloves and water holder.

The instructor fixing my harness.

the Extreme Challengers, ready to roll!

Another briefing on the tools and demo session before we get started.

And thus, we started with our challenge and I was among the first few that went in. One person is allowed to do each obstacle at a time and three person maximum is allowed on platform. So if one person got stuck, everyone at the back will be stalled too. If you don't like waiting, don't go with a gang of unfit people. Haha *no offence*

I was only smiling because of the camera. 
Was pretty serious clearing the obtacles..

LAST OBSTACLE - The Tarzan Swing!

Faces of the completers!

In the end, we were presented with certificates by the Skytrex team.

So grateful to have kehpoh there with me! :)
She did the Big Thrill!
Read her entry here :)

A group picture to end the day!

Happy bloggers going home :D

pictures are courtesy of Nuffnang and bloggers, edited by me.

The experience was superb but the new friends made are priceless! Thank you Nuffnang for giving me a free Skytrex adventure :D

Those interested, they actually have 3 packages to choose from.
Little Adventure - RM35 per person
Big Thrill - RM45 per person
Extreme Challenge - RM55 per person

For more info, you can check out their website here.
Make sure you make booking first so that your effort travelling there will not be wasted.

Skytrex is located at :

Skytrex Adventure Park
Taman Pertanian Malaysia
Bukit Cahaya Seri Alam
40000 Shah Alam
Selangor Darul Ehsan.


Thursday, January 17

GDA 2013 cum Semester break.

Annyeong guys! 

sorry for the bad quality photo.
My phone got stolen and I desperately used webcam to take the shot above .__.

A good news to you guys. I think my blogging addiction is back.

I've been wanting to blog for few days but I was too busy with my revision. Now that I'm here, means my final is over and HELLO 1 MONTH HOLIDAY! Hopefully I can update my blog more frequently during the semester break because I have so many happenings waiting for me! xD

Don't really wanna talk about the exams and how it goes. Result will speak for itself. So let's not stress ourself now worrying about the result first and enjoy holiday! I'll be back in Klang Valley from tomorrow onwards. The feeling of going home is the best! Home is where the heart is. So trueeeee. Honestly, Penang is not a bad place. Its just that Klang Valley happens to be better. :) 

I miss home. I miss my parents. I miss my siblings. I miss my chingus. And I miss all the dwaejigogi!

Frankly, my final exam cockblocked so many events happening this month! :( I was really sad especially when G-Dragon is coming for GDA happening in Sepang on 16th Jan (which is today) and I'm stranded all the way in Penang! Despaired.

The urge of buying a tix immediately and fly back to KL was so strong thanks to all the live update from Sepang! Ugh. But it will be crazy right for me to do that, so I calmed my tits and followed ALL the updates via Twitter. I was supposed to go jogging but I ended up not going and chose to follow all the updates instead-.- #LifeOfAFatty

Thank god for Twitter, I was well updated about the whole event the whole time :)
Thanks to everyone who was live-tweeting from the scene!

And and, GD changed his hair colour again! From black and pink to black and white! Cruella DeVill inspired? :/ Some VIP was really creative because they said it was a representative of panda (you know maknae of BigBang's nickname is Panda right?) 

And so the GRi ship sailed well tonight!

GD walked the red carpet with the newest addition to the YG Family, Lee Hi! Omg, she linked arms with GD!!!! And as you can see in the picture below, GD hold her hand after the media interview too! GD is such a gentleman! She is only 17 years old this year (same age as my bro) but she's is so lucky to be linking arms with the most wanted bad boy already?! Life is a troll. yes, ignore me for being sour. 

But I love Lee Hi okay. I liked her since her time in Kpop Star itself already! The other attendee from the YG Family is Epik High.

Lee Hi and G-Dragon at the red carpet.
Gorgeous gorgeous!

gentleman Ji!

Epik High.

Needless to say, YG Family's performances owned the night! From Lee Hi, to Epik High and lastly G-Dragon! I wasn't there physically but I definitely felt the heat just by reading and looking at pictures updated! Thanks technology for the creation of internet seriously..

YG Family swept a total of 9 awards the night too. 

List of the wins are as below ::

Best Newcomer Award - LeeHi
Digital Bonsang Award - 2NE1
Digital Bonsang Award - Big Bang
Digital Bonsang Award - Psy
Digital Bonsang Award - G-Dragon
MSN International Award - Big Bang
CeCi Popularity Award - G-Dragon
Best Hip Hop Star Award - Epik High 
Song of the Year - Psy

2012 has really been a great year for YG.

Lee Hi performing.

GD killing the stage!

all updates are from Twitter and credit goes to the respective owners

I'll be back tomorrow and hopefully I can make it to the airport to send them off :))
Die die also must see GD once since he came to my motherland!

With my semester break, I declare my new year. HAPPY 2013!
Things are just about to get fun ;)

Goodnight guys. 

Oh no, GD was spotted in KLIA this morning (17/1/13) leaving for Seoul already. And I'm still here in Penang! :(( This sucks! I hope he have a safe flight. *rolls on bed and cry*

Tuesday, January 8

Facebook comments.

Losing my phone recently made me very attached to Facebook. Because it was the only mean of communication I have with my family for now. :/ But thanks to this, I realized there is so many things that I'm missing on Facebook.

But making the best out of this babi condition is all I can do now. :)

So it happened that there was another girl named Gwen on Facebook and Lawrence mistaken her for me. Hahaha. Oh well, this was a mistake ON PURPOSE from Lawrence! I love this mad guy!

Nanny! <3 p="p">

This is one of my lecturer for YKT 105. She's a very strict and mean teacher. But I like her a lot. Haha. And she LOVES Nirvana! How cool is that?! And how many of you have lecturer that uses LOL?!

oh and yes, she means it when she say she will bagi "kosong"! :O

Lol so this is just a random post that I'd love to share with you guys. Heh
Have a great day :)

Monday, January 7

Bad start for 2013.

I always have bad luck in the beginning of the year. Last year, I remember I got summoned by police on the second day of new year. And this year, my bag got stolen on the fifth day of new year. Talk about bad luck.

Ok you might say that it's a small deal because it's just a bag. But NO! It's a very big deal to me! Because I have everything inside that very bag! :(( My room key, my purse, my handphone, my matric card, my pencil case, my sweater, my bottle, my umbrella, my bigbang pouch, my exam slip - basically everything I need to survive in Penang!

And then, my purse has my bank cards, my IC, my driving license, my gym membership card, my pictures, my money, my starbucks card, my Aeroline card :( Can you feel my pain now?! Can you, can you?!!!!!!! Worst part is that I'm in my examination period and without my matric card/IC, I can't sit for my paper!

I seriously don't get why people would wanna steal people's thing. Dude, it doesn't belong to you! If you're reading this, you might be RM200+ and a S3 richer, but heck I curse you to fail your examinations and cannot graduate and sell nasi lemak by the roadside for the rest of your life (with bad business). And I hope all the bad things that anyone could think of happen all on you, YOU BLOODY THIEF!

If you are a Muslim, I hope Allah will punish you by not giving you "berkat" on whatever shit you wanna do in the future.
If you are a Buddhist, karma will come find you. And whatever you lose will be 10x more than me.
If you are a Hindu,  praying on Thaipusam, shaving your head, carrying the kavadi will do you NO good!
If you are a Christian, go and repent to your Lord, but you are still going to hell!

Call me mean, call me a bitch. But put yourself in my shoe, feel my pain and shut the fuck up.

Went to report to Jabatan Keselamatan but they don't seem to be able to help out with anything as well. The purpose of reporting to them is to be able to redo the matric card only wtf. USM's Sports and Recreational Management is even worse! I went to report today, and asked them whether is the CCTV functioning. And the officer replied me that those were not CCTVs but only for the guard to monitor. THEN WHERE THE FUCK IS THE GUARD WHEN MY BAG WAS STOLEN?! 

And the officer told me, "I pun kesian lah dengar kat cerita you. Tapi kami pun tak boleh buat apa-apa." Great answer. How irresponsible is that of the management.

Nevertheless, I'm very thankful to my coursemates/friends for helping me to share out the message on FB. I felt the love! Thank you guys. The thief might see the message eventually, but I don't think my stuffs will come back again. The person will be a saint if he/she returns all my items. Btw that person did not MISTOOK, but STOLE it intentionally. So forget about him/her returning it okay. Reported to police already but I don't think there will be any result. After all, we are living in Malaysia.

USM, apex my ass.


Friday, January 4

Pessimistic people.

So I read someone's blog a while ago and it was so pessimistic I feel like slapping the blogger in the face. Well, I'm not really in anyone's shoe to teach anyone about life yet. But seeing her giving up her life like it is the most miserable thing in the world really irks me.

Come on, nobody is born to be a loner. If you really want something then work for it. Be it friendship or anything. Ask yourself why nobody is treating you real enough? Is it because you did not treat them real enough too? Treat people like how you want people to treat you. 

Second point, its the law of attraction.

Good attracts good. Bad attracts bad. Nuff said. Is it so hard to understand? If you yourself is feeling so negative about yourself already, and you can't stop showing the negative side of yourself, how do you expect people to see you in a different way and love you instead?

And saying that she's gonna be alone for the rest of her life makes me really wanna choke her. Fyi, she is currently attached to someone and is loved by that someone. That someone is my friend.

How could she actually blog how nobody cares for her and how forever alone she is?!

Imagine what my friend will feel when he reads her blog? If I were him, I'll definitely feel unappreciated. Yes I know. It's her blog and she's is totally calling the shot, writing whatever she wants.They might quarrel a lot (?) but writing something so hurtful is not forgiveable. Not when they are still attached to each other.

You don't know what lonely feels like when you have a family, siblings and boyfriend loving you. Don't bullshit please.

And seriously people, you need to learn to love yourself before learning to love others.