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Wednesday, June 16

Fact - We are all busy with our own life.

This morning Ching Pei texted me while she's in train to college.
What can i say, i definitely miss this bitch.
Since she came back from NS, we never got to hang out together, personally.
I mean, c'mon.
We used to be super close friend okeh.
Aiks, hope to catch up with her real soon.

Next up, Suey Erz Byy!
I too didn't get to hang out with her for this holiday.
This shouldn't happen okeh.
How could we not hang out for the holiday for even once?

Instead, i hanged out with Sen Chen and an old/new friend for almost everyday!
This old/new friend, i knew him since long time ago, but we hardly talk.
Now, he's like a new best friend to me. Which i can gossip plenty of stuff with him.
Weird right?
Not to mention he fetched me home for 3 consecutive days.

This is so wrong man.

photo credits to Suey Erz.
I miss both of this bitches, like seriously.
And ignore my messy hair.

Tuesday, June 15

i'm being random.

Just finish changing my blogskin with Byy!
with new title and of cuz new look!

alright, time for beauty sleep.

Goodnight, orang.

Saturday, June 12

FIFA Worl Cup 2010 @ ZAKUMI

World Cup is here!!

Omgosh, the theme song by Shakira is awesome!
Love it like hell.
And Zakumi is back!
Zakumi reminds me of my EXCO and Kem Belia ke-31 man!
Shit, i miss all of them badly.
Especially Ita.
When can we all meet again?
All had already went to different places to study.


Just hope you all know i miss every single one of you dearly..

If we ever meet again....

What now?

Camp Tutti Fratelli is successfully organised!
Well done to all the team.
As you know, the Reunion will be on 12th June 2010.
Hope to see as many as people as possible.

JPA results came out today.
And i actually felt sad.
Because i did not get it.
Whats the point of getting 12As while you get nothing in return?

People said scholarships is to aid poor people?
My friend whose father earns 7-8k a month is getting the scholarship.
Are they considered as poor?
Whatever lah.
People may think i never get the offer thats why I'm condemning it kaokao.
I'm so over it and I'm gonna focus for STPM!
From now on, NOOR SAPURA, you're gonna be my role model.
No more slacking!
And I'm gonna aim the top and be the best!

To the rest of you, buck up or get lost.

Wednesday, June 2

this is how great we are.♥

Kem Tutti Fratelli is this week!
And the words is spreading fast..

From The Star..
To Lite FM..
To Mix FM..
click on 'em to know more.

Spread the word, spread the love.

Tutti Fratelli- All Men Are Brothers.

Tuesday, June 1

feelin' good.

Sorry readers, for the MIA.
I've got real busy recently.
With tuitions, schools and RC!
Ooh btw,
Kem Tutti Fratelli is this Saturday.
Fuhh, time really flies man.
Wait, it  means the start of holiday too!
Not to mention, Kiri, Sue Wen and Swee Ching are coming back from NS already!
I can't wait to meet them.

i miss you guys so much!
Many of us had gone to far places to study.
Just hope to meet up with you guys soon.
Emo already..