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Thursday, March 22

Review : The Vow

A big fat thank you to Nuffnang for giving me two tickets to watch the premiere of The Vow! Because I was the only one (among my friends) to win this, asked my sister to go with me. =)

Synopsis ::
Leo (Channing Tatum) and Paige (Rachel McAdams) are a pair of newly-wed couples. Paige got into an accident causing her to lose partial of her memories, to be specific, 5 years of her memories (which was when she met Leo). She regained conscious from her coma to realised that she was married to Leo, now a stranger to her.

Leo tried very hard to prove to her that they loved each other. But at the same time, Paige's parents wants her back to her old lifestyle. 

Comments ::
The romance part in this movie is a tad bit little to me. More like Leo trying hard to get her attention while she's not interested at all. I'm a little bit disappointed after watching this movie. I would say that it was a little bit overrated. 

However, it is still very much worth a watch with your loved one. If you're single, just save the hassle.

Rating : 6/10

The nuffies actually told me to join for their events instead of screening only. Will try my best! :D

p/s : I'm very much delighted with the design of the tickets! This is my 3rd screening with Nuffnang so far. Thank you very much! :D

yours truly. 

 Next up : Review for The Hunger Games.

Thursday, March 15

Big Bang!

To be honest with you, I was never really VERY into K-Pop. I mean I still listen to it, but not those very crazy fangirl that will go hunting for their latest updates and so on. And in the past, I only listen to 2NE1.

But now, I have a new craze!

My title has already said it all, they are Big Bang! I used to like Big Bang too but for the wrong reasons. Because their all so hot and in the past, I only liked GD and Taeyang. problem? *trollface*

Bigger, Stronger, Better!

Recently, they released their latest mini album, Alive! It was so mind-blowing that it blew me away! Seriously, I never knew K-Pop can give me such feeling! Their songs were all amazing and best part of it, GD was involved in writing all of the songs and the music! Oh my, this boy has got talent!

After I underwent an intense research about Big Bang, I got to know that their group actually faced a lot of problems before making this comeback. For example, GD's marijuana scandal and Daesung's car accident. A lot of people thought that it was the end of Big Bang! They proved them wrong.

Knowing that they are such a strong group makes me fell depper in love with them! Now, I love Big Bang as a whole! I love every single member of Big Bang as they are unique in their own way. But still, GD took my whole heart away! He's just so talented! Regarding his new hairstyle, don't really liked it. But I love how his hair move around when he's headbanging in the Fantastic Baby MV! So sexy that I melt!

I always think guys with single eyelid + mata sepet cute and sometimes hot! 
Taeyang just proved me right!
Especially when he smiles! His eyes become (n.n) 

Now, I can proudly declare myself a VIP! I'm still a Blackjack by the way! :) Feeling happy too because 2NE1 and Big Bang are both from YGE and they are best friends! 

Best of both world!

There's a story behind Fantastic Baby's MV. Check it out here: TKPA.

And now, check out the video and get ready to get your mind blown! 
Blue and Fantastic Baby are totally two different genres of song. This proved how volatile Big Bang is and they deserve to be the best!

Big Bang are back for good and they are here to stay!
Haters, you can now go to your mama and cry.

I do not own any of these pictures and videos. All pictures and videos are courtesy of Google Image and Youtube

Thursday, March 8


As you all know, STPM result was announced yesterday. Not gonna reveal my result here because it was nothing worth showing off. I assume I did okay, because thats what everyone told me. And now, we are here, at this pathway again. The decision-making stage, to decide what I wanna do next.

Honestly, I'm feeling lost.

I felt I can do better. But yeah, you reap what you sow. I accept my result with an open heart. I'm glad with what I have because I guess I'm a little bit above the average(?) and I hope what I have is enough to get me to a good university. 

It was a pretty bold decision to do science in Form 6 instead of Accounts/Art considering that my sister jumped over to Art and everyone assumed that I would follow her footsteps. 


I don't think I have any. I'm happy being in science class and I know my passion is not in Art.

Now, the time has come again. To choose which university and which course to apply. I personally wanted Engineering, but when everyone ask me, in which major? I just can't answer. :/ Sis suggested Computer Science and Mass Communication, it was a pretty sure thing I can get. But I'll reserve that for my last few choices. Teacher suggested Forensic Science. Researched about it, the job opportunities seems a little bit disappointing though. :(

How now?!
This is gonna be the biggest decision in my life so far. And I'm worried. :/

Dad is good enough to not give me any pressure and ask me to go with what I want. The biggest problem now is I don't even know what I want. Why oh why?! Why am I so indecisive? :( Just kill me already.

Congrats to all that did well. Especially those that got 4.0, you're really a fucking genius! And to those who got 3.92, you're a genius already too! Just that luck wasn't really on your side. A shoutout to Kimberly Yong! Congrats kehpoh! So proud of you :) And to the other kehpoh, I'm sure God has a better plan for you ahead. To my dearest excos, Suey Erz and Pangky, congrats too! You guys did well! :) Love you guys with all my heart. Great to be in Form 6 with all of you. I wouldn't have wanna do it with anyone else! 

Friday, March 2

Life is so fragile.

Life as we knew it. People come and people leave. This is the cycle of life. But, sometimes its just too soon. So soon that you don't even have the time to prepare for it. Someone that young, with so many possibilities in the future, taken back by God just like that. Someone who was talking to you yesterday night, gone today.

This is just too painful to bear. As an outsider, I already felt this much of pain. Can you imagine how his parents, siblings, uncles, aunts, cousins are taking it? He don't deserve to die this young. He deserves a place in the future. This is just too cruel. 

People, please appreciate everyone around you. They might just leave you unexpectedly. 
Do whatever you want to do so that you die with no regrets. 

Now you're gone, now you're gone
There you go, there you go
Somewhere you're not coming back

Now you're gone, now you're gone
There you go, there you go
Somewhere I can't bring you back..

RIP, Yap Chee King.