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Sunday, November 25

Mom's Bday Treat.

Mom's birthday just passed and we (my sis and bro) were all so busy with our lives that we did not manage to celebrate for her. 

Felt guilty. ._.

 So we planned to compensate her with a birthday treat + present.
Just so you know, my momma is not the kind of very adventurous person. 
She dislikes fast foods. 
She dislikes korean foods. 
She dislikes weird foods. LOL

We treated her japanese foods during Mother's Day, so for her birthday we wanted to treat her to something else. Thus we ended up bringing her to Din Tai Fung! Apparently the place is famous for their dumplings! My mom doesn't like us spending too much on her because we are all still students and whatever money that we spent are still hers and dad's. Lol. So, I actually bought this from Living Social with the free credit they gave me! Which means, FREE MEALS :D

The thing with the men in my family is that they are pretty anti-social. They never fancied following us to such outings :/ So, this became a mother-daughters bonding session as well :))


Din Tai Fung, Empire Shopping Gallery.

I'm still a very noob smartphone user because I tend to forget to snap pictures of the food before I eat it. Hence, only a few was captured. That is also because I remembered. LOL.

Sorry if it does not look like foodporn to you. Tried my best.

ze' ever famous dumpling!
The juices inside that flows into your mouth when you bite it, yumssss!

crabmeat dumpling/.

idk what is this called. :/

happy momma.



To you people wanting to enjoy good foods at a cheap price, this is the place you should visit : Living Social :)


Do we look like her? Haha.
<3 p="p">

the end.

Friday, November 23

6A1 - Mid Semester Gathering!

Gosh, my entries for November is really too less. Thus, 2 more posts coming up soon! :D
Hopefully I can get it done before Monday :D

So so, I had a one-week mid semester break last week and its a freaking week long!
Of course I have to head back to Klang for some gatherings with all the long-time-no-see faces.
And one of the most important group of people, 6A1!

As klangnites, our style of gathering is of course, MAMAK!
So we had a mamak session on Sunday night. Apparently, the attendance was kinda poor so Soh came up with a plan B! To go swimming on Tuesday! :D

The initial plan was to visit the newly opened i-City Water Park. The funny thing is, we called the i-City management to enquire and they actually told us that we can buy tickets already (so we assume the pool is open to public already lah right?). But on that day when we reached i-City, the fucking pools were still under renovations! Like wtf?! Then the person in charge there actually told us tickets are released for sales only, but the pools will only begin operating from Thursday onwards. MIND YOU, THE FUCKING MANAGEMENT WE CALLED DID NOT CLARIFY IT! PFFT.

And the person in charge on the spot, a china man, told us not to waste our trip there and to go ahead and visit their some sort of scare-museum (like a haunted house) FOR FREE. The man stressed that, if we come some other day, we'll have to pay to enter. When we reach the place, another person in charge there (a bossy bitchy-looking lady) told us we are not allowed to enter. WTF?! Trolled for the second time! I am so pissed that I'm not gonna visit i-City anytime soon. Your management needs to learn to communicate well between departments and save your customer's precious time! 

Left with no choice, we came up with an emergency plan and headed all the way to Sunway Lagoon! Apparently, we are quite desperate for pool at that time. Haha. 

Bah Kut Teh for breakfast!
Klang still have the best BKT! <3 nbsp="nbsp" p="p">
pic cr : Audrey Pang.

Taken in i-City to commemorate how they trolled us -.-

silly friends :)


Audrey is so excited! Hahaha.
*spot Aeroline bus at the back*

Yew Vee looks good here, but I look like crap, hence that face! LOL

into the Scream Park.

Scream Park used to be much more scarier the last time I visited with the KU gangs. I still remember how we all could not finish and took the emergency exit. And all of us end up crying outside cuz we are too scared wtf. Now, they already build all the compartments to separate the ghosts and us. So its a lot less scarier frankly speaking. 

I was disappointed.


Forgot to bring a camera with us. Thus we only have pre-water pictures and post-water pictures.
Epic failed photographer. Haha.

if you notice, there's a pair of new lovebird in the gang.


Last but not least, a group photo! :)

Thank you Soh for planning for the trip and thank you to all the drivers of the day! :)
I appreciate the bond that we made through Form 6.
You guys, 최고예요!

Sunday, November 4

Big Bang Alive Galaxy Tour Live in Malaysia 2012

Hey ho, readers.
How have you been?
Sorry for not updating frequently for October.
I'm still trying to adapt to my new environment and lifestyle, that explains my lack of time.
Thank you for staying and to be reading this entry :)

Guess what?!

I attended my first kpop concert! And I can proudly say, my first kpop concert has been given to BIGBANG! The fact that I became a fan of kpop (specifically, a VIP) early this year and I already attended a kpop concert was totally absurd to even me myself! I never thought that BIGBANG could make such a big impact to me! Since the release of Alive EP, I can't get enough of the 5 amazing boys!

And thus, knowing that they're coming to Malaysia for their world tour, I'm truly excited. Since the day BIGBANG announces Malaysia as one of the stops in Asia, I've already decided that I MUST GO TO THEIR CONCERT! I still remember, the day during ticket launch, I can't sleep because of the massive queue in Fahrenheit88 by other VIPS. Thankfully, I still managed to grab my tickets! :')

Finally, the day of concert came! Fyi, I travelled all the way from Penang back to KL just for them considering the fact that I'm studying in Penang now. Did some crazy stuffs with Suez, Suzanne and Wiron one day before concert. :) yes we stalked them in their hotel. I can never forget how Jiyong and Youngbae look like in real life (it was the first time I'm stalking artist okehh). The feeling of seeing them is so surreal I almost cried! T.T Youngbae even smiled, bowed and replied to Suez's calling! So jelly of her :(

Decided to stalk them because I didn't win any rehearsal pass to get upclose with the boys. Fml. Tried so hard, from RedFm to SuriaFm to 8TV! This is the first time that I'm so desperate to win something, but they just won't let me win! :(

Never felt so frustrated before.

Okay, back to concert. I queued a total of 11 hours for their concert! The initial plan was to queue overnight but the fact that Suez and I are both girls and my parents warned us, we decided not to. Ended up, we started queuing from 7am. RITS said that door opens at 5pm is a lie because they only let us in at around 630pm! Malaysian timing! Pfft.

And it rained during the concert! Such a bummer. Rain always pour before a concert. Same thing happened during Avril's concert! Because of the rain, Taeyang actually slipped during his solo performance! :O Thank god he didn't fall and he stood back up, smiled and continue with his singing :) Seungri said "no rain can stop us". Haha. How to not love maknae! xD

Along the way, I'm so glad that I met so many new friends from around the world. Thank you BIGBANG! Thank you iVIPs! 

Too much craps, now pictures will do the talking! :)

7am and the stadium was pretty empty!


with the "CUTE" siblings :)

Nanny and Byy!

Fan project for TOP's bday!
(ah, today's the real day btw! #happyTOPday)

vain shot.

Sunny 10! 
Oh my, who could have drink that drink!
Its meant to be bought and kept!

GD Crayon's doppleganger! Haha.

Aerna! or better known as @dongwoonsbutt.
VIP all the way from Singapore!



all of us before the concert!

guess who we met?!
Its Chris Ooi from ECX!

the view of the stage from my standing :)

I was in the stadium pretty early because I'm considered quite front in the queue.
So managed to capture a before and after crowd pictures in the stadium :)



Hahaha. Now you know why the concert tickets were sold out like hot cakes.


Now, shots of the boys during the concert!
Videos recorded won't be posted here. Keeping the privilege of watching the videos to close friends only! :D

the boys coming out from capsule!
The moment GD screamed "What's up Malaysiaaaaaa" is priceless!

lighting was awesome!

blue lighting for Blue :)

My bias, my man, my love! 
He totally killed the night with his swag! I totally loved his newly-cut hair! Better than the LA one too! Heh. His charm is just irresistable. Thank you for being G-Dragon. Thank you for being the leader of BIGBANG. ILOVEYOU.

doing his thing ;)

during GD&TOP performance.
Blur but too precious to be deleted. :p

So glad they sang this song because its one of my favourite!

killing with his stare omg!

final outfit for the night (before encore)
Haru Haru killed me! T.T

Daesung! The angel, my second bias! He was amazing throughout the night. Whoever that thinks he is ugly definitely is retarded! He was so hot in the concert! No one can resist his smile, need not say his voice! Thank you for the great performance and the genuine happiness u brought to myvips!

dedicating the pics below to Suzanne :)

in the military jacket.

his arms are no joke!

His solo, Wings, was bomb! Vocal, performance, everything is perfect!
Its a shame that he did not get to fly! :(
Thanks to the outdoor venue! :((

What else do I need to say about him? Perfect body, perfect smile, perfect voice!
Heard rumors that he was not allowed to be topless because its Malaysia wtf! Then, during his solo performance, he only ripped half of his shirt. So, I thought the rumor was real and was so upset because I don't get to see his abs! T.T Thankfully, he took off his top during the encore performance.

Pictures dedicated to Tiffany! :)

Okay, this one needs no explaination! The deep voice of his killed so many girls in the concert! I guess he had the loudest scream from the crowds. Haha. Even Suez and Sapura made him their bias. He may look all cool in pictures and MV, but deep down, he's just a grown up with a child's mentality! He was having the time of his life doing his CHOOM dance and BINGU dance! Hahaha. 
This man is unpredictable!

Pictures dedicated to Suez, Sapura and Yee Lin! :)

during GD&TOP.
Knock Out and High High were epic!

During Haru Haru, the look that killed Suez! 

Last but not least, ze' maknae!
Seungri was less active in this concert compared to other concerts. Realjiyong told me on Twitter that he's so good that he will shake up your bias's list. Not true for Malaysia's stop. But then, watching fancams of other Alive Tour, he is indeed very lovable! I still love him though! And he's really good looking too in real life! 

During his solo.
He sang Strong Baby and What Can I Do!
Total hotness in his outfit!

this is all that I'm sharing. Keeping others to myself. Hehe.


I have to say, that the best moment in the concert was during Haru Haru performance. I can still remember what GD said.

"GD : You know this right, now sing it for me."

And all VIPs sang the chorus of Haru Haru. This moment meant too much for me because this is the song that made me fell in love with them. To me, its the best song ever! And the fact that we sang it with BIGBANG is just too meaningful. Cried btw.

Haru Haru's performance.

The yellow sea! 
So proud to be in it :')

If you are a VIP, you will know how much it meant to be in a yellow sea! All these while, only kvip has the privilege of being in the yellow sea. But this year, ivips made it too! :')

Blue sea during Blue's performance.
(cr : Suzanne)

The red sea for Fantastic Baby failed. Perhaps people are too excited just listening to the song. They sang it again during encore but the red sea still failed! Haha.  The chorus of Until Whenever failed too. Because no one was there to lead the singing. Not to mention there was no music as well. Anyway, good try VIP League!

I was pretty pissed with the fact that some non-vips actually bought those light sticks from the vendors outside the stadium. It's still forgivable if you got yourself a yellow lightstick. But dude, pink lightstick and green lightstick?! Are you fucking kidding me?! Don't you even dare to spoil our yellow sea! Pfft.

my GD board! 
Thanks Suez for doing it with me!

What a great way to end October.
I can't wait to meet the boys again.
So tempted to go for another Alive concert. x.x

I'm calling it, the concert of the year! \m/\m/

But then, I must have faith. The boys promised they will come back to Malaysia. Yes, they will have a lot more concerts in Malaysia to come. And and, I definitely will go watch Big Show in South Korea one day. This is my promise to myself. :)

yours truly.

VIP, Until Whenever.