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Saturday, December 1

Review : Aeroline

see below.

In case if you don't know, Aeroline is the bus service that I currently use to travel back and forth from my hometown to Penang. Wait, before you judge me for wasting the extra money to take the luxurious bus instead of those normal bus, read up what I've got to say first!

The normal buses in Sg. Nibong will cost RM37 one way, which means RM74 for a round trip. The problem with the Sg. Nibong buses is that they are not punctual, rude drivers, reckless driving, stop at many stops (and takes forever to get back on the road). The drivers for those buses are really rude. They drive like the own the whole motherfucking highway. The bus that I took for my first (and only) time even have water leaking from the air cond! Like what?! I bought the tickets to depart and 730pm but the bus only arrived at the bus station at 8pm! That particular trip home took me 7 hours where I reach Klang Sentral at 230am -.-

Compared to Aeroline, the tickets will cost RM60, and for a round trip RM120. What you get in return is polite drivers, good service attendant, comfortable seats, one meal and punctual departure and arrival time! I rather pay the extra RM23 to buy my time rather than getting it wasted by those drivers. Its like you're taking flight but it's travelling on land. They even provide you with clean and comfortable waiting area while waiting for your bus, places to put your luggage and most important of all, free Wi-Fi. LOL

the waiting area.

racks to place your luggage.

And now in the bus,

free personal TV!
with of course songs and movies.
(this totally make the 4-hour trip much bearable)

comfortable seat, with table for meal.

the interior of the bus.

They even provide us with a bottle of drinking water, free pillow, free coffee and free blanket. Oh did I mention there have plug point in the bus as well? So fret not if you phone/laptop is running out of battery! :)

Adding all these up, I think the extra RM23 is pretty worth it. :)

I'm being a smart consumer by choosing the best service instead on saving on few bucks and risk my time and life to some reckless and irresponsible drivers.

faces of satisfied customers :))

Aeroline currently provides route from :
Penang-Bandar Utama, 
Singapore-Bandar Utama, 
Singapore-The Mines

and vice versa.

More details, visit here. :)

Aeroline's service is good, but in term of management they suck badly!

Recently I lost my bus tickets as my bag got stolen and almost all my important stuffs are inside. So yeah, that includes my bus ticket. Aeroline had this policy of PAYING THE EXACT AMOUNT of for new ticket, but with your OLD SEAT. which means you pay another RM60 for the ticket you lost and they will refund you the money after your ride.

According to the refund form, the refund will take around 3-4 weeks to process and they will refund in the form of cheque/bank draft. But it has been 5 WEEKS and my so called refund is not here yet. I called the customer service centre and the person that answered my call (i assume is their customer care officer) actually had no idea about how to deal with my situation. In the end, he did not provide me with any solution but only with so many sorries on behalf of Aeroline!

I don't need apologies, I need this matter solved! Pfft.

So much so for a good service but bad management. They should really train their customer care officer to deal with this kind of issues better instead of making their customer (me) wasting so much money calling them again and again. So unprofessional.

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