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Tuesday, December 18

Pesta Hoki USM-Penang International 2012

Hey readers, how have you been? :))
So its been a very busy and fruitful week for me. I finally found the beauty in university life. 
All this thanks to Pesta Hoki International 2012 (PHI).

Thanks to this event, my network of connections broadened again! :D
Well, at first I have to admit, going through the process was hell. 

Wait, let me get the story straight, I was in the PR Department for PHI as Assistant Coordinator. So what we have to do was to call the media to ask them to do coverage and also call to some media company to help us publicize about our event. Thanks to this role, I have to travel almost everyday to the stadium to make phone calls and it was not fun at all. Especially when you have assignments to rush -.-

But then, as the event draw near. Things started to fall into places. Did I mention there was an pageant under PR as well to find the face of PHI. LOL. Very much thanks to this competition, I made friends with a lot of international students! :D Why? Because I was assigned to take care of them. Sorta like a babysitter. LOL. Now I have new friends from Indonesia to Iran to Iraq to Korea and of course locals! :D

Now, when I travel to anywhere, I will have friends to rely on! :D

p/s : one of them already offered me hospitality when I visit their country woohoo

Wenny, from Indonesia.

Olivia, also from Indonesia

Pretty Olive :D

JiaJia and Tiffinny!
Most of the fun in PHI were because of them! :))

Other members from the NP1, Wawa and Nadia.

PR Team!
Deejay, yours truly, Nik and JiaJia.

#2 recapture via JiaJia's iPhone. :)

the lady behind all the goodies :)

JiaJia is my coursemate too.

Malaysians! LOL

Being in PR might be a pain in the ass. But at the end of the day, I'm just glad that I'm actually in PR and not anywhere else.

one day before Gadis and Jejaka Hoki's Final.

Congratulations to our winner :

Mr. Hoki Photogenic : Jackson Yew Chun Eng
Miss Hoki Photogenic : Olivia Christina
Mr. Hoki Popular : Harrith
Miss Hoki Popular : Shieda Mirzaee
Jejaka Hoki International : Jackson Yew Chun Eng
Gadis Hoki International : Wenny


Olive and Tuan Teck.

Harrith, from Iraq!

thanks for supporting! :D
fyi, he is my F6 mate :)

Sheida, the hottie from Iran!

Joon Won oppa from Korea!

She was so gorgeous with make up on!

The secretariats, Samson and Anil :D

Big winner! Mr. Yew :D
He really knows martial art, so don't mess with him lol.
Oh, he's single as well :)

MC for the competition. Sharina Erin.
I think thats how her name is spelt.

Bee Wah!

Day 3 was pretty dull as it was the final for most categories already. Most team that lost were sent back already. So it was pretty chill and I was assigned to be the photographer. 
Another proud moment as an ex member of the Seni Foto Club in HSK :))

love how my hair look here. Haha

Wawa again! :D

After all, Pesta Hoki was really a good experience. I learnt a lot. And I gave a lot as well T.T Overnighted for 2 nights in stadium during the event. First time not going back to hostel. xx

Some people actually said that PR department was pretty redundant as we look so free after the pageant ended.

Bitch please! U think who called all the media to capture yr bloody face to be featured in Astro Arena/newspaper?! And I fucking called and got you the goodies bags from Penang Global Tourism. Wtf are you doing now? We PR are still writing reports for the event to be submitted okayyyy! We work before, during and after the Pesta! How about you?! Don't bash us just because you don't know how hard we work.  And mind you, we are all students as well and we have assignments to rush too. Pfft.

Sorry but I just have to voice out for us, PR. Some people just take things for granted like they are the most noble one wtf -.- 

Okay, enough of rubbish.
Good night.

2012 is coming to an end. A 2012-achievement post should be coming soon. Hehehe.

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