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Wednesday, July 28

the 6B1..

Talking about my class, i really felt ironic. I love it, yet i hate it. Love it because of all the sporting classmates I've got and we definitely get high easily. We only knew each others for 2 months++ but there is already a bond there in us. Hate it because we're too noisy. We even made teacher cry. Next door classes complained tonnes about us. They even say they hate us. But, whatever. I consider that as jealous. Haha. But, sometimes i really feel bad about our class. The first Physics test, only 6 in our class passed, while half of the B2s passed. See the difference now? I felt really bad to know that my class is actually worse than the other Physics class. So calssmates, please buck up and be serious okay? We all wanna have fun inschool, but we've gotta know our limits and whens the right time to do so.

the genius in my class.
Don't you think he look like a Mang Hap from some old kungfu movie?

tiffany darling.

*wished i could be as smart as Ah Soh in his studies. Even half of him is more than enough. I am such a failure.

Monday, July 26

double shots.

Was a hectic week.
Dats why i had been MIA for so long.
Sorry readers.
Arrh, so much to write yet so little time.
So, i'll only update briefly.
To know more, ask me lah. HAHA
And here we go.

MPP Prom Night -  Phantom Night
Was uber awesome.
Had the best ever partner, Kai Chern! =)

and this is Kai Chern!

Kai Chern again.

Ching, Wen, and rose.

SiewLye, B and I.

with others.

RC Prom Nite 2010
was awesome too.
The best part that night was meeting all my excos!

I'm lovin this pic with Jeannie!

of course, I love 08s!

For more pics, kindly go to Facebook.
Till then, goodnight!

Tuesday, July 13

ultimate heartbreak!

I can't believe i got two major heartbreak incident in a day.
I'm feeling sad and down.
Firstly, i don't understand, why must you say that you will only go if X go.
What about me?
Does this mean I'm not your friend?
I'm not important?
Okayy, and you're telling that you will go, just that u don't wanna make it look so easy?
Thats why you are giving some stupid conditions that you know is impossible to be done?
Its okay now. I'm not gonna beg you anymore.

And this is majorly disappoinment.
11 years of friendship, which can't be compared with 2 months of friendship.
I texted you today and asked you ro help me keep a place in tuition.
You said okay. In the end, you said that the place is reserved for others.
Did you ever thought of my feelings?
Not only that, when i borrowed phone from you, you said NO.
But when i tell its Y who wanted to borrow, you gave without further questionings.
I seriously don't see the bond in us anymore.
I don't know why.
Perhaps you should ask yourself.

I hate the us now.

Sunday, July 11


Dear juniors, whatever said and done, is done.
Remember what we told you.
Learn from mistakes.
Don't be cocky because of who you're.
We're no one to be action.
If you really think you deserves to be the best, show to teachers.
Don't just know how to say it.
Prove it!

How could you expect us to back you up when we see all the mistakes you're doing?
How are we supposed to cover up for you?
Hon, think about it!

We, seniors, are all around.
Most importantly, we're just a phone call away!
We're always here to help.

I wanna see our unit-together as one.
As a family!
Not like now, a piece of shit!

Don't ever give up!
We're all never too old to learn.
As long as you're willing to learn, you're great.

Saturday, July 3

i can't believe you actually said that to me.

Listen here!
I'm really pissed when you said that to me okeh.
Don't think that i got no feelings OR i got a same mind like you thinking it was a joke.
And there is no point of you saying "SORRY, I'm kidding only."
I never said anything doesn't mean i don't feel anything.
Do you know at that moment i just feel like screaming FUCK YOU to you in front of your bloody face?
Since you're closer with her, then go to PROM with her lah.
Bring her along, let her be your partner.
So that you both can get CLOSER.

just for you info,
I fucking hate you now.
I don't feel like talking to you anymore.
You make me feel irritated.
Don't ever come to me to ask for help and i won't go to you to ask for help either.
Just fuck off.

Maybe you didn't realise that you just pissed me off, let me tell you now,