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Saturday, July 3

i can't believe you actually said that to me.

Listen here!
I'm really pissed when you said that to me okeh.
Don't think that i got no feelings OR i got a same mind like you thinking it was a joke.
And there is no point of you saying "SORRY, I'm kidding only."
I never said anything doesn't mean i don't feel anything.
Do you know at that moment i just feel like screaming FUCK YOU to you in front of your bloody face?
Since you're closer with her, then go to PROM with her lah.
Bring her along, let her be your partner.
So that you both can get CLOSER.

just for you info,
I fucking hate you now.
I don't feel like talking to you anymore.
You make me feel irritated.
Don't ever come to me to ask for help and i won't go to you to ask for help either.
Just fuck off.

Maybe you didn't realise that you just pissed me off, let me tell you now,

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