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Monday, July 26

double shots.

Was a hectic week.
Dats why i had been MIA for so long.
Sorry readers.
Arrh, so much to write yet so little time.
So, i'll only update briefly.
To know more, ask me lah. HAHA
And here we go.

MPP Prom Night -  Phantom Night
Was uber awesome.
Had the best ever partner, Kai Chern! =)

and this is Kai Chern!

Kai Chern again.

Ching, Wen, and rose.

SiewLye, B and I.

with others.

RC Prom Nite 2010
was awesome too.
The best part that night was meeting all my excos!

I'm lovin this pic with Jeannie!

of course, I love 08s!

For more pics, kindly go to Facebook.
Till then, goodnight!

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