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Sunday, July 11


Dear juniors, whatever said and done, is done.
Remember what we told you.
Learn from mistakes.
Don't be cocky because of who you're.
We're no one to be action.
If you really think you deserves to be the best, show to teachers.
Don't just know how to say it.
Prove it!

How could you expect us to back you up when we see all the mistakes you're doing?
How are we supposed to cover up for you?
Hon, think about it!

We, seniors, are all around.
Most importantly, we're just a phone call away!
We're always here to help.

I wanna see our unit-together as one.
As a family!
Not like now, a piece of shit!

Don't ever give up!
We're all never too old to learn.
As long as you're willing to learn, you're great.

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