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Tuesday, April 24

Excite Your Senses with LG Cinema 3D Smart TV!

Movies and dramas has always been my thing. I call myself a TV-addict since I was 7 years old. And truth to be told, TV has been my best friend for the longest time I know! As for now, television has definitely evolved in a good way. 

From my grandparents's generation. The one that my grandpa have to adjust the antenna just to get the right frequency for me to watch my favourite Power Rangers in action.

The TV of my childhood! This was the TV that I literally grow up using. From playing Street Fighter to Bomberman to dramas. All are done with this magic TV box!

The current TV in my home. As time evolved, humans opt to go for a better viewing experience. We must grow with time and follow the flow right? Since plasma TV became the trend, my family got one too!

And now, for the latest evolution of television history, the LG Cinema 3D Smart TV. With the new Cinema Screen Design, featuring a 1mm bezel, creating a more optimal and comfortable environment for immersive 3D viewing, it will definitely enhance our visual and audio senses! And hey, how could I be left out?!

As a TV-addict, I really hope that I will get to enjoy this 3D experience first-hand! And heck, my drama and movie experience at home will be as good as in IMAX! 

Thrilled about it? Check it out today :)

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