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Friday, April 20

Life of an artist.

Do you want to be an artist? Do you envy all those spotlights and attention they are getting? Let me tell you, don't.

As you guys know, I recently have turned into a hardcore VIP. When I say hardcore, I mean I'll stalk their youtube channel and fansites everyday. You heard me, EVERY SINGLE DAY! They are the reason I'm working diligently in the office because that's how I get the time to stalk them! :D

Okay, grandmother stories aside. As a concerned fan, I pity them for their super busy schedule. Sometimes I wonder how many hours of sleep are they getting. Can you imagine, after the latest mini album was released, they've been flying everywhere! From Japan to Korea back to Japan then to Korea again then to Thailand to Taiwan then to Vietnam back to Japan and now in Korea! You think that's fun? Imagine everytime when you got to the airport, thousands of fans swarm around you and the whole airport is filled with those annoying high-pitched fan screams. Even I myself got annoyed just by watching it from fancam.

Travelling and promotions aside, they are super busy with a lot of variety shows too! First was Running Man. Second was Healing Camp. Then, You and I. And many more many more. As a fan, I do enjoy watching them on variety shows because I get to see the goofy off-stage sides of them! 

But, its just too tiring.

And now that their popularity is at peak, they are endorsing various products too! G-Market, Jeju Airlines, Yamaha TTX, Fubu, Sunny 10 and the latest one, a public CF for Visit Korea 2012! You tell me now, you tell me! How packed their schedules are!

On the filming set of "Visit Korea 2012" CF

Performing in Vietnam.

As guests in "Go Show".

Pictures for G-Market.

Filming a new MV.

Pictures are all taken from Bigbangupdates. 

I do feel bad for them as they don't really have any proper rest time. Behind all those glory and fame that we see, is their hard works and sleepless nights. In one of the variety show, GD actually said that he have no free time and he works all the time! 

Pathetic, no?

But thankfully he loved his job! :D

So people, teenagers, daydreamers, please don't dream of being an artist if you cannot handle such life. :)

End of my rant post. 

I hope Big Bang can get some good rest and keep up their good works!
Big Bang fighting! <3

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