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Wednesday, April 28

Ops Hulurkan Tanganmu.

This event took place one day after i lost my phone.
Boo hoo.
Went to Sungai Gabai with VAD 43 for team building.
Have hell loads of fun!
Photos will speak for now.

Sg. Gabai.

The stairs that we had to climb.

resting halfway.

people i love!

my super cute buddy!

Fadh showing off his kaki bulu.

playing slide.

Crocs, =)

ILY, Byy.

people i love #2

smile hard. x)

ze' end.

idk why the photos are so small.

people i adore.

People, click to enlarge the photo if you want.
For more, Facebook yahh.

Btw, gonna get a new phone soon! XD
As they said, 久的不去,新的不来!
I'm still sad okay.


Saturday, April 24


People, i lost my phone today. Fml.
So, basically i lost all my contacts.
I'll still be using the same number.
So tell me who you're before you text me.
getting back the number on Monday.

Don't worry, I'm okay.


everyone lies, the most common lie is "i'm ok."

Just because i am a newbie.. x(

This is BAD okayy.
Two fcuking shots in day is unbearable!

Incident #1
Today while working, a student was doing test. So, i was supposed to monitor her. Then, another teacher was doing a diagnostic test for a new student. Then, a student of mine came to find her grammar chart book. So, i have to tell her where to find right. Then, this fucking LOA teacher scolded me just for nothing.

 LOA bitch- sorwen, stop talking to her, monitor her(the student doing test). Please concentrate on them, if not they will easily lose concentration. Next time don't do this kind useless stuff when got student doing test.
p/s: i'm not even talking with the student, i'm TELLING her where to find her book!

LLH! She scolded me just because the student(who was doing test) flipped to count how many pages the test had. WTF!
Teacher ML, i know that you're old and had not sat for any test for a long time ago lah. Its so normal to count how many pages the test paper had. Even in school, before you begin your paper the teacher will ask you to check what! Stoopid.

Please la, even if you're prejudice on me, you don't have to do it until so obvious, bitch.
So smart you come and sit my place lah.
I sat the place not even one month yet u expecting me to do everything perfectly already izit?
I think i am robot ah? Dumb.

Incident #2
I know you're a senior of mine. And i know its partially my fault. But please lah, could you please at least tell me the correct way to do it? You don't have to turn 1 effing big round just to let me scare for nothing when you indeed had actually settled the matter. What do you want? I know I am in charge of this event. But, its actually under my bahagian. And my additional job is to confirm the attendance! And i did it. So, the other errands should be ran by the whole team, not me, doing a one-man show! Btw, the event are supposed to be under the 16 yrs old ppl, they are the people who are always at HQ. So, its definitely easier for them to do it too right? They said they never handle it doesn't mean they don't have to learn. This is also my first time what.

sorwenisverypissednow! rawr rawr!

Wednesday, April 21

A Roadtrip.

Was planning a roadtrip with Byy!
So this was our plan.
Byy and I must travel oversea together at least once by the age of 21!
At least Singapore or Thailand right..

Since that need plenty of budgets, we're gonna hold it first and make it come true later.
As for now, we need something practical but achievable.
So there,
Malacca roadtrip!!
We planned to go Malacca together by driving ourselves! Weeewiiiitt!
And wee're gonna do it ASAP!
So, whose in?? =)

Btw, my driving test is on 26th April. next monday.

Tuesday, April 20

just so you know,

.. that
Kem Tutti Fratelli ke-15 2010, Peringkat Kebangsaan
is in the town again!

Details: 5, 6, 7, 8 June 2010
Venue: Camar Rimba, Taman Pertanian Bukit Cahaya Seri Alam.
Theme: Insiprasi Anda, Aspirasi Kami!

Believe me, this camp will rock your socks.
To those RC youths out there, whattaya waiting for?
Find your KUS in school and grab this chance!
See you there! =))

Tutti Fratelli: Inspirasi Anda, Aspirasi Kami.

Friday, April 16

Solo, not.

Thursday, April 15


For an awesome text, worth reading even a thousand times!

ILY Byy! ♥

yeap, only god knows how we turned so close in 2008.
that year was full of magic and memories,
we should remember for life!
not to mention the funs that come along!

time to work!

Enough of fooling around.
Its time for the brain-squeezing moment for ideas.
Kem Tutti is around the corner..

ideas, come to me please...


Saturday, April 10

oh life, i'm loving you.

Just cannot imagine how life could be this extraordinary. HAHA
Someone you know for more than 10 years.
From a friend, became close friend, then became couple, then broke up, then lost contact, then reconnect, then became close friend again.
Isn't it amazing?
great to have you back, you know who you are. =))

HAPPY 21st BIRTHDAY to......

Lee Chun Yuen, the cousie!
Have a blast aite!

I missed the fun times with Chee Chong, Kai Sin, Kath and Siew Lye!
Oh B, i miss both of you too!

Byy, its you i meant! ♥

And I don't wanna go, no
I don't wanna go, go
I don't wanna no, no
I don't wanna no, no
I don't want to walk this earth
If I gotta do it SOLO (solo)

Cuz I was so high
And I was so low
And I don't wanna walk around alone, so lone
I said
I don't want to walk this earth
If I gotta do it solo (solo, solo)

Byy, you know iloveyou!
Hold my hand and walk together with me. =)

Wednesday, April 7

finally an outing!

Went out with minyee darling today.
The objective of this outing is to get my suit for the JPA interview.
Thanks minyee darling for accompanying mua.
After i got my suit, went for movie with her.

How To Train your Dragon:

*i like both posters, so i posted both. =)

This movie is really awesome!
Another must-watch!
The main character's name also funny, Hiccup.
And the super cute dragon, Toothless.
There is so much movie in my mind now that i wanna watch.
Senchen B, remember our movie date yea.

Omgosh, tomorrow is the JPA interview already.
Hope i won't screw up lah.
And thanks Hong Seng for all the advises he'd given.
He will be the first in my list to thank to,
no matter i get it or not.
As you all know,
I had chosen Engineering, which is considered as a hot-in-demand course.
So, I actually think that my chance is not high lah.
What to do, just give my best loh.
Pray hard! Haha.
Initially, i planned to specialise in Chemical Engineering.
After some research, i realised thats not what i want.
i am going for Aerospace Engineering!
hope i made the right decision.

hope i'm able to stand out among the crowds tomorrow.
Dear panels, please notice me okayy?

yours truly,

worse than the worst!

What a bad day i have yesterday..
Almost scream out loud.
screw.. screw.. screw...
the ATM Machine!

Yesterday, planned to withdraw money.
So, first..
Check balance first lo.
Next, they ask "would you like to proceed with the next transaction?"
Then, pressed YES lo.
30 seconds passed...
Still processing..
I was like wtf..
Then bent down to check the card hole.
FML, my card stuck there already.
Ask the people there for help.
Stupid shop, ATM spoilt already please put the sign "OUT OF SERVICE" lah.
Oh ya, fuck the MR. KE GAO too.
This is what happened:

me: excuse me, u got anything like a pin? i wanna korek my card out.
shopkeeper: cannot la miss, later the alarm will ring, and police will come.
me: then how about my card? its stuck there.
cursing in my heart already.

and then, comes the MR. KE GAO!

kegao: you got any other card? we try poke in and see how?
me: got got, hold on.

then i passed him the RAKAN MUDA card.
i wonder why i so dumb go listen to him also. Aiks.


suddenly, the whole screen blackout.

me: Uh-oh! what happened?
keep banging the atm machine like hooligan.
kegao: i think your card got eaten already lah, call the customer service and tell Maybank people.
me: you serious ah?
kegao: Ya. Sometimes, my card got eaten too.
passed me back my rakan muda card.


Wtf is wrong with people nowadays.
 So kegao wanna helpwhile you don't know any shit?

what kind of bad luck am i going through..

Sunday, April 4

Westlife: What Becomes of A Broken Hearted.

This song was dedicated to me, by Byy!
Its emo, but its happy.


As I walk this land of broken dreams
I have visions of many things
But happiness is just an illusion
Filled with sadness and confusion

[Shane (All):]
What becomes of the broken hearted
Who have love that's now departed
I know I've got to find
Some kind of peace of mind

[Mark (All):]
Fruits of love
Grow all around (all around)
But for me they come a-tumbling down (a-tumbling down)
Every day heart aches grow a little stronger
(Just a little stonger)
I can't stand this pain much longer
I walk in shadows searching for light (searching for light)
Cold and alone no comfort in sight
(No comfort in sight)
Hopin' and prayin' for someone to care (someone to care)
Always movin' and going nowhere

What becomes of the broken hearted
Who have love that's now departed
I know I've got to find
Some kind of peace of mind
Help me please

I'm searching though I don't succeed
(I don't succeed)
Someone's love there's a growing need
(Such a growing need)
All is lost there's no place for beginning
(No beginning)
All that's left is an unhappy ending
Unhappy ending

[Shane (All):]
Now what becomes of the broken hearted
Who have love that's now departed
I know I've got to find
Some kind of peace of mind
I'll be searching everywhere
Just to find someone to care
I'l be looking every day
I know I'm gonna find a way
Nothing's gonna stop me now
I'll find a way somehow

What becomes of the broken hearted
Who have love that's now departed
I know I've got to find
Some kind of peace of mind
Oh yeah
What becomes of the broken hearted
Who have love that's now departed
What becomes of the broken hearted
Who have love that's now departed
What becomes of the broken hearted


so what if you left me with a broken heart?
its okay, a few plasters will do.
i'm gonna be okay.


Thursday, April 1

april fool boy. boo!

Happy Birthday to....

Ivan Sim Wei Jun!

this weird boy was born in April Fool!
good for you.

time is running out..

Got shorlisted for the JPA interview.
So, got plenty of shits to do now.
And KUMON is really becoming a burden.
Time there is so freaking long and so boring.
I can actually fall asleep!

Heard rumours about Form6 is gonna start at the end of April.
More shits to do.
So, i think I am quitting KUMON soon.

Not to forget, TFi is coming soon!
Time is really not enough for me.
Friends have been asking me for outings.
Sorry to let you guys down.
Trust me, SOON okay?

I miss you Byy!

I miss these two bitches too!
Sue, take care in NS!