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Wednesday, April 28

Ops Hulurkan Tanganmu.

This event took place one day after i lost my phone.
Boo hoo.
Went to Sungai Gabai with VAD 43 for team building.
Have hell loads of fun!
Photos will speak for now.

Sg. Gabai.

The stairs that we had to climb.

resting halfway.

people i love!

my super cute buddy!

Fadh showing off his kaki bulu.

playing slide.

Crocs, =)

ILY, Byy.

people i love #2

smile hard. x)

ze' end.

idk why the photos are so small.

people i adore.

People, click to enlarge the photo if you want.
For more, Facebook yahh.

Btw, gonna get a new phone soon! XD
As they said, 久的不去,新的不来!
I'm still sad okay.


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