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Wednesday, April 7

finally an outing!

Went out with minyee darling today.
The objective of this outing is to get my suit for the JPA interview.
Thanks minyee darling for accompanying mua.
After i got my suit, went for movie with her.

How To Train your Dragon:

*i like both posters, so i posted both. =)

This movie is really awesome!
Another must-watch!
The main character's name also funny, Hiccup.
And the super cute dragon, Toothless.
There is so much movie in my mind now that i wanna watch.
Senchen B, remember our movie date yea.

Omgosh, tomorrow is the JPA interview already.
Hope i won't screw up lah.
And thanks Hong Seng for all the advises he'd given.
He will be the first in my list to thank to,
no matter i get it or not.
As you all know,
I had chosen Engineering, which is considered as a hot-in-demand course.
So, I actually think that my chance is not high lah.
What to do, just give my best loh.
Pray hard! Haha.
Initially, i planned to specialise in Chemical Engineering.
After some research, i realised thats not what i want.
i am going for Aerospace Engineering!
hope i made the right decision.

hope i'm able to stand out among the crowds tomorrow.
Dear panels, please notice me okayy?

yours truly,

1 comment:

  1. Hey sor wen.. Why u wana take ART for STPM?
    just study SCIENCE la weyhh! U gt the 'Brain' la.. Hehe.. U apply for engineering kan? if u really interested, there are many scholarshp available..
    if u dun get JPA for diploma/foundation, u can get later when u going for ur degree, but of corz must get GOOD results la.. I explain this to suez already.. If u want, u just go for foundation programme la eg : A-level and study 1 year.. But must study hard la ok? Hehe..
    Apapun gambateh la, hopefully u get JPA scholar sooo dun worry so much abou financial la.. Ur result is good kan, dun worry.. =)