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Saturday, April 24

Just because i am a newbie.. x(

This is BAD okayy.
Two fcuking shots in day is unbearable!

Incident #1
Today while working, a student was doing test. So, i was supposed to monitor her. Then, another teacher was doing a diagnostic test for a new student. Then, a student of mine came to find her grammar chart book. So, i have to tell her where to find right. Then, this fucking LOA teacher scolded me just for nothing.

 LOA bitch- sorwen, stop talking to her, monitor her(the student doing test). Please concentrate on them, if not they will easily lose concentration. Next time don't do this kind useless stuff when got student doing test.
p/s: i'm not even talking with the student, i'm TELLING her where to find her book!

LLH! She scolded me just because the student(who was doing test) flipped to count how many pages the test had. WTF!
Teacher ML, i know that you're old and had not sat for any test for a long time ago lah. Its so normal to count how many pages the test paper had. Even in school, before you begin your paper the teacher will ask you to check what! Stoopid.

Please la, even if you're prejudice on me, you don't have to do it until so obvious, bitch.
So smart you come and sit my place lah.
I sat the place not even one month yet u expecting me to do everything perfectly already izit?
I think i am robot ah? Dumb.

Incident #2
I know you're a senior of mine. And i know its partially my fault. But please lah, could you please at least tell me the correct way to do it? You don't have to turn 1 effing big round just to let me scare for nothing when you indeed had actually settled the matter. What do you want? I know I am in charge of this event. But, its actually under my bahagian. And my additional job is to confirm the attendance! And i did it. So, the other errands should be ran by the whole team, not me, doing a one-man show! Btw, the event are supposed to be under the 16 yrs old ppl, they are the people who are always at HQ. So, its definitely easier for them to do it too right? They said they never handle it doesn't mean they don't have to learn. This is also my first time what.

sorwenisverypissednow! rawr rawr!

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