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Wednesday, February 27

February updates.

Cannot even believe its actually the end of February already. Sorry for the procastination. Yeah, two posts only for February. Slacker, I know. :/ Anyways, I'm back in Penang for Semester 2! So far everything is going well. All the timetable that clashes became unclashed because the kind lecturer adjusted the time to fit us all :D

I don't think I updated much about my semester breaks and CNY. So here, I'm gonna just do a summary post. Hehe. So lazy I can't even but sorry! :p

Well I gotta admit, as we grow up, CNY became more and more boring. Cousins got married.  Some left for study. Some passed away. Families became smaller. A lot of things changed in a year. But I'm glad my family is still complete and my parents are still healthy as ever!

Well, other than family gathering, I gotta say the part that I most look forward to is meeting up with friends and going house visiting! :D Its not easy to gather everyone especially when we are all studying in different places already! 

Ciuyi, SenChen and I!
The primary gang that i'm so proud of!
Seriously, how many of you still keep contact with your primary mates? :D
I'm glad I do!

KU gang!
Gotta admit I kinda abandoned them since I entered Form6.
But they give me the feeling of hokkien lang like nobody else could!
Miss Julio so much and he's just getting "prettier". lol

My Form6 classmates!
Honestly, they are the coolest and most 玩得起 people I've ever met.
They never fail to lift up my gloomy mood. :))
Love them always 

This is a very random gang of all Klangies!
p/s : Suey Erz has the coolest dad ever and she don't even realise it! LOL

My silly BIGBANG/Running Man gang.
Which happens to be my sister's friends. 
Happy birthday, nickprawn :D

sister loves.


On a random note,

BIGBANG Voice Keychain!


*photos are grabbed from here and there, mostly Facebook. Credits go to all the respective owners.

2013 started real rough for me. Hopefully, it gets better from now on. And of course, I'll do my utmost best to keep my blog updated from time to time. Since I'm in Penang now, there will hardly be any review posts. Bare with my rants. Hehe

Till then, xoxo!

Friday, February 15

[TUTORIAL] How to use Paypal for Malaysian Users

Recently, I bought something online and I was required to pay in another currency and the seller only accept payment via Paypal. With this, I have to get a Paypal account to make my payment. I was rather new and had some bad experience so I hope the future new users will not face any issue I faced.

It is not really that hard if you get it throroughly. :))

Firstly. you'll be led to this page once you sign up/sign in to your Paypal account. It will show you a overview of your account balance, previous transactions and all. 

You'll be required to sync one of your bank account/credit card to be the money source. To add your money source, click on Profile and choose your options.

I chose to ADD credit card.

There will be a limit for sending/withdrawal to your Paypal account until you confirmed your card.

Note : an amount of MYR10 will be deducted from your bank account/credit card for verification, but it will be refunded to your Paypal account instead of bank account once your account is verified.

Or you can choose to top up your Paypal account and send money with the credits in your Paypal account. Currently in Malaysia, only RHB has the option of topping up your Paypal account.

If you have a RHB bank account, you can consider this option. (provided you have internet banking)

in RHB, you can choose to send the money to your Paypal account in MYR or USD.
For every top-up in MYR, you'll be charged MYR1.
For every top-up in USD, you'll be charged MYR8.

Note : if you're sending money to a foreign account (non-Malaysian), you'll have to make sure your Paypal account's credit is in USD because MYR is a restricted currency in Paypal and its only available for transaction with Malaysian Paypal accounts.

If you decided that the balance in your Paypal account is too much, you can choose to withdraw it to your bank account too with certain charges with certain amounts.
(refer the table)

For payment, make sure the email address you put is the correct email as Paypal is not in the shoe to refund you your money if you send it to the wrong account.

Note that if you're sending money in foreign currency, they'll update you the exchange rate in your own currency to let you know how much you're actually paying.

Lastly, they'll confirm with you your payment method before sending your payment. 

Once your payment is sent, it cannot be undone! So make sure you check you details properly. Paypal has a fee charged when you use your credit card to make payment and the amount varies with the amount of money you send.

But its free is you pay with your Paypal account's balance. But make sure the credit in your Paypal is in USD if you're sending the money to a foreign account.

Hope this helps. :))