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Friday, July 20

Pedicure + Manicure

This was my first time getting a manicure! Well, I'm not really that kind of pretty girls whom are willing to spend a good fortune in all these beauty services. But hey, since there is a deal why not try it? :)

Yes, if I were to not explore now, when else? :D So, I got the deal from My Living Social with 50% off! The initial plan was to do it with my best friends, Cpei and Suez. But in the end, I went with Suez only. Timing problem plus the deal is expiring soon! :/

Thank you Sen Chen, for being the driver of the day and Pang, for accompanying us! :D

the coupons.

Did I mention that their service was really fast and efficient! The environment is really comfy too! But, their manicurists might need to smile a little bit more. They are a bit not so friendly I would say :/ 

enjoying the service.

The whole process took up around 40 minutes only. From choosing colours and designs, to polishing and drying. By the way, i love how the manicurist, that served me, skilfully drew some flower designs on my thumb. :) 

photo courtesy of : Suez.

Now, a closer look of the outcomes!

Left : Suez, Right : Mine.

saw the flower designs? :D

A few suggestion for those whom are interested to try this :

- get a driver to drive you there and back. 
because you need to wait 4 hours for the whole thing to dry. It will be a pain in the ass if you were to smudge it anytime in between!

- get a friend with good taste to go with you. 
he or she might be helpful in giving you opinion on which colours/designs to choose. too many choices!

- Wear slippers or sandals! 
Your toes will be polished too!

- Watch out for deals from MyLivingSocial! 
Why get it at a more expensive price while you can do it at a discounted price? :)

The nail studio is located at :

Belles Nails Spa & Waxing,
(Above OldTown White Coffee)
20-2-1, Jalan Setia Prima (Q),
U13Q Setia Alam, Seksyen U13,
40170, Shah Alam, Selangor

Tel : 03-3342 2690

Business Hours : 
Daily 1030am-730pm

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