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Tuesday, July 17


Hey readers, so did you miss me? I mean, did you miss my post?
But whatever, because I missed you and my blog!

I have to clarify the reason for me not blogging is because, my sister took my camera to her 3 weeks long student exchange trip in Hunan, China. Now that she's back, I've got photos to post! :D

So, without my camera, life still goes on. Yeap, June has thus far been a happening month to me. 
Omitting minor outings with no photographs! 

#1 Standard Chartered Fun Run

This was a event planned months before the run. At first, everyone was so enthusiastic about it and registered. In the end, only 4 of us made it to the run. Friends -.-
Nevertheless, we had so much fun even if its only 4 of us! Went to Markets@JayaOne after the Run!
Yes, without taking showers. :D Got myself a handbag from Markets and I loved it ever since!

my number!

with my Kehpoh! 

#2 Cousin's Wedding Dinner.

LOL, all the pictures during the dinner is with my uncle and idk when he's gonna upload it. So yeah, this is what I have :) One thing i definitely hate about meeting far relatives is the question they bombard you with!

Have a boyfriend already? 
Obviously NO!




my cute niece, Olivia Lim.

#3 Ciuyi's Farewell!

Try my best not to be too emotional. Yeah, so Ciuyi was one of my primary best friend. I mean the bestest among the best kind of best friend. And she left to further her study in Singapore already! :( Well, it is a good thing for her and we do feel proud and happy for her. But, she will be missed dearly by the primary gang! :')
All the best for her future endeavours!

It feels so good to be meeting all those primary folks! I especially missed Constance, did I mention its been 8 years since we last met?! O.O


take #1

take #2

favourite shot of the night!

#4 IPTA result

This is a very important milestone in my life! Because this will determine my future path and everything else. So, I got accepted by USM to do Communication. Guess its time for me to let go of Science. :/ Yes, I do feel sad about that, but everything happens for a reason. And I believe I can make the best out of whatever that's given to me! And thus, Penang will be my new home for the next 4 years! Time to rock n' roll in Penang! 

I thank my parents for being considerate and even let me have a choice of going IPTS if I don't want to do Communication. My parents are just great! Ilovethem.

What's sad is, all my friends are accepted to different universities. UM, UPM, UKM, UMS, UniMAS, UniMAP, UTeM, UMT, UTHM and UTAR! LOL. Which means, we will all have a new chapter in life, without each other :( 

This is something worth feeling sad about and we shall cherish the last 1 month together in Klang for good!

the end.

Anyways, I'm back to blogging and I am gonna update this blog consistently from now on, hopefully. 
Thanks for reading! :)