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Tuesday, July 24

How I Step Up With Nuffnang

First, to do a flashmob, the most basic prop will definitely be PEOPLE!
Yeah, of course its people, what else? Pfft!

people, people and more people!
(pic from Google Image)

And where to get the props (people)? Hey, isn't Nuffnang a community with lots of bloggers (people)? :D

Here is how I would Step Up with Nuffnang!

(pic from Google Image)

Since we are going for the premiere of Step Up Revolution with fellow bloggers, why not we do the flashmob right on the spot with the bloggers, in the cinema! 


I would first discuss with the person in charge of the cinema to let us display a few funny slides after the show just right before the credits. 
So that people will not stand up and start leaving..

For example : 
(maybe with some horror background music to create some suspense)

and BAMM! 

Cue music, 10 people stand up among the crowd and BOOM SHAKALAKA! Lets get the party started! Slowly, everyone will get infected by the atmosphere and starts to get into the rhythm and lets dance our asses off! :D 

Fret not if you have no chance of learning the choreography, we can consider displaying the choreography live in the wide screen! WOOHOO!

This will have a better effect as everyone will be so high after the movie and I believe bloggers will have another unforgettable premiere screening experience!

Oh crap, I'm getting over excited! 
So Nuffnang pretty please, send me to the premiere screening! :D

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