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Monday, September 30

September updates!

Holla people!

오랜만이에요! (Long time no see!) How have you guys been? I'm sorry I've not been updating my blog as frequent as I used to be but I promise to update it whenever possible alright! 
If you people are still reading..

Just to update you guys a little about my life, I've been pretty caught up with the beginning of new semester in university. Yeah, I've already chosen my major - Persuasive Communication. Well, gotta say it sucks compared to the other two simply because.... too many theory papers. Boo.

Well, its just the beginning.

Can you believe I've not blogged about my 21st's birthday? And about Hyunhee coming to Penang? 
EPIC FAILED BLOGGER! Hence, that shall be the next two posts. I'm taking one step at a time to revive this little blog of mine.

For now, lets start with updates about Penang :)) 

 On the way to Penang!
This was taken somewhere along North-South Highway.
Too gorgeous to not post.

First day of class! 
(not denying the fact that I don't fold my blanket .__.)

Watched Big Bang concert in cinema with Mii Chell!

It's definitely funny how young girls perceive us like some superstars wanting to take picture with us just because we were wearing the concert tees! LOL

Mini VIPS are too adorable!
Mixed feelings because I think they are too young to be fans of any band, hence, I came to a conclusion that their parents are too obsessed to the extent of dressing them up like that? :/ 
Nevertheless, they enjoyed and danced along to Big Bang's songs in the cinema :))

Studio with the girls. 
This semester, we have a lot of technical knowledge to learn!

updated to iOS7! :D

Good foods all day err day!
I swear you can't find dimsums this GOOD anywhere in Klang!
Penang is living up to its name, the FOOD HEAVEN!

Hyunhee came to visit!
(I'll blog more about this in upcoming blogpost :))

Attended Tiqa's convocation!
Congratulations my babe <3 span="">

Celebrated debate trainer's big day!
Words are mightier than swords ;)

I love this candid pic a lot! 
A day in Georgetown with Hyunhee.

And lastly, I'm finally a senior.
I'm feeling so old.

독자여러분, 브로그를읽으러 너무감사해요!

Tuesday, September 10


Throwback of people and things I miss in Korea.
Happy Year 2, Gwen.

This silly girl is currently in UM. 

Haven't get to meet this siaokia eventhough we study in the same university!

my dongsaengs.


My unnie.

Prof. Nam

Omma. T.T

Just so you know, I made it to my 3rd semester aka Year 2 of my university life.
I'm now a sophomore :)