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Sunday, October 31


ze' October updates.

Dear blog,

I'm sorry for abandoning you for two weeks! And dear readers, my blog is back to life aite. Well, exam is over. I studied hard, and now, time to play hard! =)


This is gonna be a very long post.
Do not read if you can't stand it.

First update ::


ze' first activity after exam.
(planner : botak)

he's working hard.

the hungry LALA.

Well, this was the first outing after the exam. We had fun steamboat-ing from 730pm till 1030pm. Kudos mates! RM24 worth everything we ate right? HAHAHA. Actually there are more pictures, but i am so lazy to post it. Will do when i feel like doing it next time. So, throughout the dinner, Sen Chen B was bombing whatever Jordan says. They both are jokers of the day. And Botak, was the Chef of the day. He bbq-ed most of the satays and shrimps. i'll not post bout the chao-da part as you said it already, so i'm not gonna post it. blehh

Next up, 28/10.

Its Mommy's birthday.

Did a simple celebration for her only as we (me and brother) were in exam period.

we love you.


You're the best.
You know we love you.

Third update,


dear classmates.


:: photographers on duty ::
like the background so much.

It was the Friday before exam. A lot of juniors skipped school. Stupid people. They are your seniors okay. What will you feel if your own juniors skipped your graduation? But, its okay. Because the event still rocked without ya'all. My awesome sister gave a brilliant speech! She rocks! \m/

On Saturday,
Seni Foto's MP

legal poser. =)

love of my life huh?
ahem, pang.

love this pic with kimmy.
she is awesome!

with the lady boss.
brandon - picture spoiler.

the new board.
note that its incomplete.

group photo of the day.

Food of Windmill is awesome. The spaghetti was love! The price was O.o too of course. hahaha

And this,
the famous "Kau Ong Yah" prayers period.

prepared fresh flowers to offer to gods.

driver of the day.

the temple is always so crowded.

even old lady still come despite the big crowd.

and lil girl too.

and now, lighting the joss stick for praying purpose.
so crowded that it made me feel pek chek!

This was a nine-days prayers. So i had to be vegetarian for 9 days as i vowed for something. And it did come true. So yeah, i am superstitious. and i'm lovin it. =) This place was in Ampang okay, its freaking far that i sacrificed my beauty sleep for the last day because the prayers ended at 330am. Nevertheless, its over already.

Prefect's Farewell Party.

the banner.

everything is set and we're ready to partay!

man at work.

the Form 6 seniors with Sir.

The night was good. Despite all the bad preparations. Hopefully all the seniors enjoyed it. It wasn't grand, but we all enjoyed it okay. So to those lan si clubs, save all your shits because i know our MP rocked better than yours. Hahahaha.

October is a hectic month for sure.
More to great thing to come soon.
Holiday is coming too!

Thats all for now.
Goodnight people.

Sunday, October 17


the fact is that you have changed. Or i should say i've not know you that well. You pathetic faker! I'm not your spy or whatsoever. Stop asking me for anything. If you wanna know, ask it yourself. If you don't wanna care, then don't. Stop telling me because i am not interested.

Stop pretending like you very kesian on the outside can or not. Only one word to describe you- fake. What do you think i am? I got my own life okay. Don't expect me to be beside her 24/7 to answer all your questions. What is your mouth for? Speak up for yourself lah. Its not like you pay me or what. And stop saying sorry, sorry is not enough. I am pissed!



and this is for you :

Wednesday, October 13

i realised.

Last Tuesday, i had a great chat with Wei Ting while waiting for Botak to cut his hair. and i realised that Wei Ting is a really kind and innocent girl. Highlight the word kind okay.

And his boyfriend is so lucky to have her as a girlfriend.

dumbo sedang cuci rambut di public.

Tuesday, October 12

The fact is..

.. that you are a good guy.
There is no doubt about you and your personality. So you don't have to keep ask me why you're a good guy. Its just the way you are! As you said : truth hurts, but lies are worse. So, X tried not to lie ya' know. Its hard to let go, but not impossible. Trust me, time will help you wash it away.

And, don't worry about what people gonna think about you. Its totally not your fault. And its never wrong to love someone. Got what i mean? Time to move on. There is no need to be this harsh, relationship should never ruin a friendship. remember that. Both of you are not wrong!

Its good that you tried hard not to care. But, you once had been X's JI MUI. And when X had a hard time, you as a JI MUI should not hurt X more by being so mean. Bygones shall remain bygones.

Life is hard, so are relationhips.

I really wished i never told you what you never realised. Then maybe, things won't turn this ugly today. Its all my fault. x.x

Sunday, October 10

when boredom strikes.

My oh my, this holiday is so boring. Worst of all, school resumes on Wednesday. Without school, I am slacking. And exam is in 2 weeks time. Fml.

I can already imagine what my results is gonna be.

Back to yesterday, went Pasar again, with friends of course. And we had a lil chat on the way home. Thanks to them, I learnt something new- HEN***! more like refreshed my memory on such things. thanks to you guys, zzz.

what i do when boredom struck my ass.

peace. ♥

BBQ is way more fun with a bunch of ohh-sum people!

A delayed post.


Alright, this idea of having a BBQ party, was totally random. Thank god we made it happen. It was supposed to be a 6B1 gathering. But alot of them couldn't make it. So we called other people from other classes. The party still rocked okayy.

That morning, we had extra class for Chemistry. At 10am, we had a break. So Botak, B and the others went to have ice kacang. ice kacang for breakfast, wtf! while I, went to PR for meeting. We were supposed to be back by 10.20am, but i was late for 20 minutes. I thought i was the latest one already, who knew, Botak they all haven't even come back. The class was creepily empty! fml.

After that break, we were all discussing about the BBQ party already. Apparently, no one was listening to the teacher. 6B1 rocks duhh! Ping Khai was quite pissed because he handled most of the BBQ stuffs alone. sorry man. Then, here comes the guilty Botak to the rescue. We went to buy the fishballs and hotdogs, marshmallows and etc etc laah. hello, at least we contributed okay.

After Maths tuition, we headed to Ping Khai's home. *screaaaammmss!*

P/s : kianwei they all tried to start the fire since 630pm and we reached at 7pm. Then, jintzen and i tried to start fire at another pit. we succeeded before them. what a loser. HAHA. then all the scouts turun padang to start the fire. Whatever okay, our fire lit up first! so, Boo!

Some pictures of the night:

#1 playground reminds me of childhood!
thats why i made it look so vintage. =)


#3 some obscene shits going on.
what i can do is just to stare.

#4 delicious chicken wing by jintzen!

#5 the awesome classmates!

Lastly, i would like to end this post with a lala-post of me.

 #6 tadaa!

with loves.

Wednesday, October 6

mood spoiler

Blogger is being such a bitch.

It won't let me upload photos.

This shit totally spoilt my mood to blog.

We'll just see when the mood comes back.
Upcoming post, the barbeque post. stay tuned. =)

Saturday, October 2

wild wild west.

Helluva day again, packed with tuitions.

Anyway, I've got something to share here. And my title has nothing to do with what I'm about to share. I really don't understand why people are so eager to be in a relationship, and ending it after one or two months. Seriously, what the heck is in your brain? If you feel that you cannot be committed in a relationship, then don't do.

After all those lovey dovey moments, you feel so scared to tell the other person that you wanted to end it. After ending it, you feel so annoyed when he/she keeps bugging you. Then you complain that he/she is so introvert that he can't let go just like how you did it. HELLO! It means that he/she cared okay. And he/she really wants to save the relationship.

But, from another point of view, i agree okay. Because i can't take it too when a guy just can't let go. Guys, no point you want to save the relationship when the girl already shows no interest towards you. Boohoo! It means that she's not the right one. Let her go, and search for the right one lah. Why would you wanna act like some fuckers begging and doing all those stupid things just to make her stay? Save some dignity for yourself.

And and, don't hate her just because she don't love you anymore. This just show how childish and dumb you are. If you hate her already, just avoid seeing her. No point you wanna embarrass her in public. That MAYBE will make you feel better, but it totally makes you a jackass.

Alright, i feel so much better now.

Dear readers, this post is not pointed towards anybody. If you feel offended, you may kiss my toes.

new hair dude! =)


Its October already people!
And its exam month again. Okay, i must really say that i'm not confident with the coming exam this time.

Reason : i slacked like a bitch.

Chemistry and Physics and Maths are hell. Not to mention got the suckiest teachers for PA. The only hopeful one is MUET. And hell yeah, i never wrote an essay more than 300 words for almost a year already. So, how am i gonna score the Writing part? Only god knows.

Its October man! My mommy's birthday is coming soon. Tun Wong Papa's birthday too.

I love getting busy with life. It makes me feel alive. =)