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Sunday, October 10

BBQ is way more fun with a bunch of ohh-sum people!

A delayed post.


Alright, this idea of having a BBQ party, was totally random. Thank god we made it happen. It was supposed to be a 6B1 gathering. But alot of them couldn't make it. So we called other people from other classes. The party still rocked okayy.

That morning, we had extra class for Chemistry. At 10am, we had a break. So Botak, B and the others went to have ice kacang. ice kacang for breakfast, wtf! while I, went to PR for meeting. We were supposed to be back by 10.20am, but i was late for 20 minutes. I thought i was the latest one already, who knew, Botak they all haven't even come back. The class was creepily empty! fml.

After that break, we were all discussing about the BBQ party already. Apparently, no one was listening to the teacher. 6B1 rocks duhh! Ping Khai was quite pissed because he handled most of the BBQ stuffs alone. sorry man. Then, here comes the guilty Botak to the rescue. We went to buy the fishballs and hotdogs, marshmallows and etc etc laah. hello, at least we contributed okay.

After Maths tuition, we headed to Ping Khai's home. *screaaaammmss!*

P/s : kianwei they all tried to start the fire since 630pm and we reached at 7pm. Then, jintzen and i tried to start fire at another pit. we succeeded before them. what a loser. HAHA. then all the scouts turun padang to start the fire. Whatever okay, our fire lit up first! so, Boo!

Some pictures of the night:

#1 playground reminds me of childhood!
thats why i made it look so vintage. =)


#3 some obscene shits going on.
what i can do is just to stare.

#4 delicious chicken wing by jintzen!

#5 the awesome classmates!

Lastly, i would like to end this post with a lala-post of me.

 #6 tadaa!

with loves.

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