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Tuesday, October 12

The fact is..

.. that you are a good guy.
There is no doubt about you and your personality. So you don't have to keep ask me why you're a good guy. Its just the way you are! As you said : truth hurts, but lies are worse. So, X tried not to lie ya' know. Its hard to let go, but not impossible. Trust me, time will help you wash it away.

And, don't worry about what people gonna think about you. Its totally not your fault. And its never wrong to love someone. Got what i mean? Time to move on. There is no need to be this harsh, relationship should never ruin a friendship. remember that. Both of you are not wrong!

Its good that you tried hard not to care. But, you once had been X's JI MUI. And when X had a hard time, you as a JI MUI should not hurt X more by being so mean. Bygones shall remain bygones.

Life is hard, so are relationhips.

I really wished i never told you what you never realised. Then maybe, things won't turn this ugly today. Its all my fault. x.x

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