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Wednesday, January 27


This post is obviously dedicated to...

my babyy, Wong Suey Erz!

Happy Belated 18th Birthday!

Do you know how much i love your craziness?
Do you know how much i love your sarcasm?
Do you know how much i love your attitude?
Do you know how much i love your voice?
Do you know how much i love to see you?
Do you know how much i love you?

I bet you do. LOL

never forget how much you mean to me!

Last but not least,


Sunday, January 24


Happy "Just Married" to my cousin, Adrian and his girlfriend wife, Hurley.
Attended their wedding dinner just now.
To be honest, the foods are quite sucky, not to mention the emcees too.
They even can mispronoun my uncle's name. wtf.
The whole dinner was quite dull, cuz there were not much people for me to talk to.
all my cousins are much elder than me. most of them are married and have children already-the generation gap.
So yeah, camwhore a lil and that made my night. (=

they serve red wine.

the yam-seng moment.


Diva wannabe.

my nieces and nephews.

Daphne, rockstar!

another one!

caridee, with mua phone.

trying to snap mua.



Sis, with her wine drink.

Ahh, i miss my cousies.
How sad that we only meet when we have such occasions.
How even sad that most of my cousins are married already.
Even CNY i don't get to see most of them.
they are married what, need to go back to their husband's hometown. pfft.

Ohh, its VAD Recruitment Day already.
And i made my choice.(=

Tuesday, January 19


I had already been real slow, but i still cannot make up my mind.
Its this Sunday.
I got not much time more for me to be slow.
Honestly, i don't know whether I still want it or not.
Its not a matter of passion but a matter of responsibilities.
i believe i have the passion.
Can i uphold the responsibilities I were about to carry?
I doubt.

Where is all my friends when I need you?
Its January and people are already busy with their lifes.
Everything sucks.
 I hate this.


Saturday, January 16


Once again,
will go visit you when i drop by at Aeon.
Ooh, finally i feel exhausted when i work from Monday-Friday.
btw, i started to teach already. haha.
Alright, back to my bed now.
I am really exhausted.


Thursday, January 14

To my baby.

All the best in the interview tomorrow.
and sorwenblessyou too.

goodnight world.

Wednesday, January 13

I passed!
Dammit, I'm so ecstatic now.
I got 48/50! pop confetti!
finally i get to use my popi. XD

But, I am happy and sad.>.<
Happy, because i passed and got no needs to get headaches with all these shits already.
Sad, because i promised JUNIOR and SUEZ baby that i'll get 50/50. Sorry guys, i pass this mission for you guys to realise it okay? HAHA.

And, today I am supposed to enroll for a dance class with JEANNIE. Sorry cuz i ffk-ed you. This Sunday okay. Wait me yea...........

Not to forget, KUMON is getting fun! The kids are super adorable! Can you imagine when i am doing flashcards with them but they are pretending to sleep in front of me? And when you scold them they still can put on a HUGE SMILE on their super-cute face for you?with a few teeth missing of course. HAHA. Or when you are halfway teaching and they started to lao gai and say they wanna go home? I can't wait for more of their silly attitudes. wait for my post yea. HAHA.



Sunday, January 10

Screw you, Wong Suey Erz!

Okay, it was a very random title. Haha.
But, really screw you laah.
Ruin my whole plan to get my license ASAP. Haha.

To the blur you, let me tell you what happened.
Today, i was suppose to go for the Undang test again ma. as my previous post said. Then, this morning when the Mr. Driver fetch me already he told me that Suez and I are going to separate places. Me, kapar and she, sentosa. Of course i don't want lo. Cause we already planned to take together one ma. Then, we reach Sentosa at about 10.30 am lo.. As usual, Suez and I will go for breakfast first. Haha. When we went back to the centre, Rilek, we waited for about half an hour. Then, we asked a malay girl who sat beside us. She has been waiting for 2 hours plus since 9.30am. wtf! So we continue to wait lo. Oh, and there was a computer there that allow us to try to do the test. then, we started to play there. At first, we got 46/50. Then, Suez wanna get 50/50. So we keep repeat the test and yeah, until the 6th trial we finally got a full score! HAHAHA. Slack right, what to do, our nature.(:
Then, 15 minutes later, about 2 hours of waiting since we arrived, Mr. Driver called me and say we never get a place. So he asked us to go back. Then, he started to send us back. And asked us to do appointments again. There was a girl in the car who got pissed and banged the car's door loud when she reached home. And Mr. Driver named her Cekodok Basi. LMAO! But, what Mr. Driver say is true also la. He just driver ma. All the bookings should be done by the Driving School's Secretary ma. If she never book the places online we canot blame Mr. Driver one ma right. HAHA.
So, the conclusion is, because I insisted to take with Suez thats why i cannot do my test today. IF only i stayed at Kapar, i definitely can make it today one. LOL. My quote, IF only..
So yeah, screw you Wong Suey Erz for screwing my full-score day. HAHA.
Not to mention if I stayed at Kapar, Maniraj and Sen Chen will be taking with me already. pfft!

And pity Leon, because if he cannot make it today, he must make it tomorrow already cuz he is going back to Negeri Sembilan soon. So, all the best la. HAHA.

p/s: my "Popi Popi" didn't get to be used today. So, keep it for the next time when i am going to take undang again laah. peace!

goodnight people!

Saturday, January 9

Popi Popi.

Okay, tomorrow i am going for the UNDANG test again.
Pray hard.
And keep my fingers crossed!
50/50! I am coming!!!!

omg, i can't sleep now. butterflies in my tummy!

Wednesday, January 6

I'm a big fat LOSER!

I finished work at 10.30pm yesterday and reached home at 11pm.
Although its quite late, but i still struggled to read the UNDANG book.
So i read read read till its 1.30am okay.
Its freaking 1.30am in the midnight.
And i have to wake up in the morning to go for the UNDANG test.
So i konged at 1.30am and woke up at 6am just to finish the stupid UNDANG thingy..
And the Mr. Driver picked me up at about 8am..
At first, we went to Puchong driving school. But it was damn full so we changed to a Shah Alam driving school. and that was when the huge mistakes happen and the doom starts!

There were initially 9 of us taking the test today. Then, due to some unknown reasons, only 7 of us left.
So we queued and waited for our turns.
The Mr. Jaga Counter is such an arrogant asshole! I hate him.
Let me tell you, the asshole never look at you when he is talking to you one.
Nvm, even when he wanna snap your pics also he don't look at you. wtf is wrong with him?
Trying to act cool or act pro.. Whatever.

Here comes the best part..
Among the 7 of us, only 2 freaking fellows passed their test!
And their marks was like ngam ngam one! 42/50!
I think the whole computer system is doomed already or they set it with really tough questions.
As for me, i only got 41/50!
1 more to passing scores okay. pfft.
Suez baby got 39/50. haha.
So people, i am warning you.
Don't ever go to this centre to take your undang exam.
Cause you'll never pass or you'll pass miserably!
This centre is located at Shah Alam and the name is

So people, just watch out laah.
Or make sure you really studied edi before you go!
advised from experienced people must follow okay..

Oh, and we made new friends too.
Kiri, Bryan and Leon! haha.
They are real funny people.
And we promised to take the UNDANG test together again. we fail together ma, except bryan.)=
This Saturday! hope we no need to go back to the sucky shop again.
Another RM40 burnt.

I must really study this time already.
50/50 is my aim!
I don't care! keep the fingers crossed.

I Don't Care - 2Ne1.

Tuesday, January 5


Alright. Today was the first day of my work and its awesome! I met new friends and i learn new things. Although what i am doing now is very very basic, marking worsheets and updating their progress, but its a totally new experience to me. And its tiring. Sore neck, imagine you hafta sit whole day and just move your hands. But, i am loving it.(: Because i am working! And i am paid for it. LOL. Tomorrow is another day to go. Woosh! Its 2am in the morning and i need to head to bed. I am so freaking tired.

goodnight world. xoxo

Friday, January 1

Believe the Unbelievable, Dream the Impossible, Make It Happen.

As i promised, my super cool post. LMAO.

This whole event was planned in just three days.
1st day was used to plan all the programmes.
2nd day was used to confirm attendance and buy all the stuffs needed.
3rd day and off we go!
Unbelievable? Believe it.

The day started with the 12 of us, Mahes, Suey Erz, Sheila, Syabil, Kiri, Sor Wen, Manoj, Atul, Ching Pei, Maniraj, Pangky and Izan meeting each other in HQ. We kickstarted the journey with our breakfast in a restaurant with a funny name. I cannot really remember its name though. Sorry. At 9.15am, we started our journey to our destination, Bukit Cahaya Seri Alam. woots. Oh, by the way, we are doing it with bag packing style!(: On the way there, we took alot of pictures.
i just posted some photos here. The rest will be posted in my next post or kindly refer to Facebook.

Sheila and Wen.

Suey Erz and Wen.

Upon reaching there, we rented bicycles, 12 people 12 bicycles, and headed into Camar Rimba. The cycling part was absolutely fun and tough. After reaching Camar Rimba, most of us had a sore knee. lutut longgar, rofl. Then, we settled down at Gazebo nearby the swimming pool and started chewing the foods that we bring. haha. After that, we got ourselves changed and Syabil, Pangky, Suey Erz, Sor Wen, Izan and Ching Pei cycled to survey the path to Rumah 4 Musim. We took approximately 15 minutes to reach there. claps. But 30 minutes for Ching Pei because she keep complaining that her bicycle gonna pancit and she cannot ride up the hill as fast as the rest of us do. Wth. Then, Syabil cycled back to lead the rest of them there. They were such slackers that we waited for almost 30 minutes! pfft. When they reached, we straight rushed into the House. because it was burning hot outside! it was winter during our visit so the temperature in the House was 0.2 degree Celcius. craziness!

while waiting for those slackers.

some frozen tree in the House.

Kiri, Wen and Pei.

professionnal posers. lmao!


the guys.

i am out of caption.


lousy actors.

group photo!
photographed by, Suey Erz Mariappa Pillay!


random shot by Suey Erz.

i got no idea why i shut my eyes.

After the House, we went back to Camar Rimba. But on the way back, Kiri and Mahes's bicycles crashed. And Sheila almost kantoi too when a few guys blocked her way. screw them. Luckily she managed to turn away fast or else she already had flied into the jungle. After reaching Camar Rimba, we jumped into the pool! Suey Erz and I were the first to get wet. We started it with a beautifully done free fall. Haha. In the pool, we did tonnes of crazy things like free falls, cannonball, flip, diving, holding breathe and float! Haha. The swim was the best part although i got a cut in the pool. My skin was peeled off. Ouch! While we were swimming, Maniraj, Syabil and Pangky went to set up the things for BBQ purpose and Mahes, Kiri and Manoj cycled around the whole Bukit Cahaya. According to them, they already jelajah half Bukit Cahaya. Oh, and we're suprised by Elaina when she joined us at about 3pm. Halfway in the swim, we were forced to call for a stop as it started to rain. Poor Sheila, Elaina, Syabil, Atul and Izan that hurried all the BBQ stuff to gazebo. However, we still managed to grill a few otak-otak and marshmallow! During the rain, the mischievious Me, Mahes, Manoj, Kiri and Suey Erz went to cycle. It was super fun to cycle in the rain until accidents happen. Kiri got cramps and he jumped off his bicycle and sat on the floor. Maniraj, Mahes, Manoj and Pangky carried him back to gazebo for a rest. luckily we're all first-aiders. pheww On the way back to carpark, i skidded and fell. Dang! My excos were cruel enough when they commented that the way i fell was super funny. WTH.

at the gazebo.

Swimmers United.



Wen and Kiri.

My very own Jacob!♥

the fucking scratch.

fron another angle.


i was passing her the marshmallow. yummy!

pesakit sedang berehat.

back to BBQ.

At about 4.30pm, we started to clean and clear the areas polluted by us and packed our stuffs. Then, we returned the rented bicycles. the total pay was RM96 @ RM8 per bicycles. Okay right. haha. Then, we left Bukit Cahaya and headed back to Klang.

the rockers.



in the bus.

cute wannabe.

my hair seems dyed.
killer smile from Suey Erz.

Reach Klang at about 6.30pm. Then, we continued with RC New Year Bash. The whole day was a blast and the momentum were high throughout the day. I wished that the day will never end, or or, how good if our exco reunion trip was a 2 days 1 night plan. Nevermind, there are always next time.(:

In RC New Year Bash.

Kiri and Manoj looked like those werewolves pack in Twilight Saga: New Moon when they were half naked! So hott!
Dang it! Of course, we melted! rofl.
The pictures here are not complete, view more on Facebook or kindly wait for my next post.
Last but not least..

Happy New Year!

we celebrated it like a rockstar!♥