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Tuesday, January 19


I had already been real slow, but i still cannot make up my mind.
Its this Sunday.
I got not much time more for me to be slow.
Honestly, i don't know whether I still want it or not.
Its not a matter of passion but a matter of responsibilities.
i believe i have the passion.
Can i uphold the responsibilities I were about to carry?
I doubt.

Where is all my friends when I need you?
Its January and people are already busy with their lifes.
Everything sucks.
 I hate this.



  1. Wats Up On Sunday?? =)

    My Advice ::> DO Wat U Wana Do.. Better Fail Trying than Not doing it.. Asoo, TRUST Ursev la.. U noe wat u wan, dun let others affecting you!!
    Clear ur mind and just Focus on ur GOAL ! =))
    Hahaha.. Bersyarah plakss...

    And loo RELAKSS la... TRUE Frenss are awiss with You, They stay close to you.. then will nv leave u.. U trust them rite, have faith la! =) Ppl hav their own life, soo we cant expect them to be with us 24/7.. this is da critical stage, u will go thru alot.. be POSITIVE and Face it all Bravely.. We nd frens in life, but we still have to live this life on our own coss we decides wat we wan kan? =)) Panjangnya comment i!..

    Btw, take care and all da best Lim Sor Wen.! =)
    God Bless You awis and GAMBATEH !

  2. hahaha, thanks capuu!=)
    Sunday ini kan VAD Recruitment Day.
    I dah make up my mind..
    I know what i should do.

    Love you, SAPURA NOOR!

  3. Btw, wats ur decision?? hehe..
    dun scared of wat ppl say, OKOK !
    GAMBATEH and Enjoy ur LIFE !! :)