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Sunday, January 24


Happy "Just Married" to my cousin, Adrian and his girlfriend wife, Hurley.
Attended their wedding dinner just now.
To be honest, the foods are quite sucky, not to mention the emcees too.
They even can mispronoun my uncle's name. wtf.
The whole dinner was quite dull, cuz there were not much people for me to talk to.
all my cousins are much elder than me. most of them are married and have children already-the generation gap.
So yeah, camwhore a lil and that made my night. (=

they serve red wine.

the yam-seng moment.


Diva wannabe.

my nieces and nephews.

Daphne, rockstar!

another one!

caridee, with mua phone.

trying to snap mua.



Sis, with her wine drink.

Ahh, i miss my cousies.
How sad that we only meet when we have such occasions.
How even sad that most of my cousins are married already.
Even CNY i don't get to see most of them.
they are married what, need to go back to their husband's hometown. pfft.

Ohh, its VAD Recruitment Day already.
And i made my choice.(=

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