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Wednesday, January 13

I passed!
Dammit, I'm so ecstatic now.
I got 48/50! pop confetti!
finally i get to use my popi. XD

But, I am happy and sad.>.<
Happy, because i passed and got no needs to get headaches with all these shits already.
Sad, because i promised JUNIOR and SUEZ baby that i'll get 50/50. Sorry guys, i pass this mission for you guys to realise it okay? HAHA.

And, today I am supposed to enroll for a dance class with JEANNIE. Sorry cuz i ffk-ed you. This Sunday okay. Wait me yea...........

Not to forget, KUMON is getting fun! The kids are super adorable! Can you imagine when i am doing flashcards with them but they are pretending to sleep in front of me? And when you scold them they still can put on a HUGE SMILE on their super-cute face for you?with a few teeth missing of course. HAHA. Or when you are halfway teaching and they started to lao gai and say they wanna go home? I can't wait for more of their silly attitudes. wait for my post yea. HAHA.



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