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Wednesday, February 29

The Devil Inside.

Le me won a pair of tickets courtesy of Nuffnang to the premiere of The Devil Inside. I was all hyped up to watch this because I am going with Suez, a very personal best friend. 

p/s : the design of the tickets is enough to fucking scare the shit out of you.

Fyi, I'm not gonna even write a proper synopsis for this movie. 

This movie was the stupidest movie ever! Sorry for the rudeness but, fact is a fact. No wait, I shall say opinion is an opinion. Yes, you heard me. Dumbest movie ever! Don't go waste your money watching it. Thank god the tickets were compliments from Nuffnang. Or else, I'll really kill myself for going that far and pay that much for such movie.

Nevertheless, there really are some suspense in the movie which scares the fuck out of you. This horror movie is rather different. Its about demon possession and exorcism. Not those mainstream horror where there are ghosts with superpowers that come out to suck your blood or to catch you so that you become their substitute. 

But then again, this movie has the worst ending ever! Accidents, blackout, then the end?! Are you fucking kidding me? But then again, the ending can be considered as a suspense too because you really got the shock of your life when the movie ended just like that. Wtf.

Rating : 3/10

Readers, meet Suez! :)

Monday, February 27

This Means War.

I've no intention of watching this movie, neither do I know that it was already showing in the cinema. But, I'm glad Ciuyi called and we went for this show along with Zoey and SenChen. Guess what, I liked it! It was hilarious and dirty at the same time. if you know what i mean.

You'll like this movie if you are the same type of person like me. Or if you just love to laugh at dirty jokes. Haha. 

Synopsis ::
This movie is about FDR ( Chris Pine) and Tuck (Tom Hardy) who were CIA agents that are suspended of mission because the bad guy, Heinrich is seeking revenge of his dead brother killed by them. During this period of time, Tuck signed up on a online dating site and meet Lauren (Reese Witherspoon). After their first meeting, Lauren stopped by a video shop and met FDR. FDR tried to hit on her but with no success. He then goes to her workplace and managed to date her out.

The drama starts when FDR and Tuck, whom are best friends reveal their respective girlfriend to one another only to realise they are the same person- Lauren. Then, they had a so called gentleman's agreement to win Lauren's heart and at the same time not to ruin their friendship. And there goes the beginning of an epic war.

Who gots the chick in the end? 

I don't want to spoil it for you. Go and watch it.

Rating : 7/10.

p/s : my synopsis is wholly-based on the romance part only. As for the Heinrich part, you'll have to watch it yourself. :)

On a separate note, I need advise. Should I grow my hair, cut it short or maintain at current length (3rd pic)?
Please help. 


Saturday, February 25

shit happens.

This post is specially dedicated to a friend of mine.
Shitty stuff happens to both of us, all the time.
Thanks for telling me some shits just now.
Now I know the true colour of that bastard!
Yes, this is my pathetic life.

Wednesday, February 22

Avril Lavigne The Black Star Tour Live in Malaysia 2012!

Yes, Avril Lavigne made it to Malaysia! Malaysia was officially the last stop of her Black Star Tour! And i was uber happy that I made it to her concert. To see her walk, sing, jump and jam in front of my own eyes! Unbelievable.

Sad but true, this was my first concert and I'm so glad that i went with Sen Chen and Jackson. They are my best friends for life! Jackson left house as early as 1230pm to pick up Sen Chen but to reach my place only at 2pm -.- blame the jam!

There goes the lunch plan, screwed! 

We reached Stadium Merdeka at around 3pm. Not much crowd yet, but definitely are building up fast. I was very happy because I met Sun Woei who was working for TicketPro. Long time didn't see her but she's still that gorgeous! Too bad i forgot to take a picture with her D:

Proudly, we were the first few to arrive so we queued in front and got a nice spot after entering the stadium! All the long hours of queueing were very much worth it :D

All in all, the concert were really awesome.  Maybe because I knew mostly all her songs and was happily singing along, thats why i enjoyed! Opening performance by a female DJ (DJ Nadine if not mistaken) was great too! She rocks with all her songs mix. I pity Sen Chen because there was a small girl standing beside him that was holding tight to the bar causing him not able to have MORE fun. Haha

Okay, I'm not gonna post the whole list of songs she sang because I obviously don't remember. And yes! She sang bitch instead of chick for SMILE and motherfucking princess instead of one and only princess for GIRLFRIEND!  Her band was very the awesome too! They sang Pumped Up Kicks by Foster the People and it totally rocks! Love them so much!

Another thing, my colleague's friend managed to get a picture with the lead guitarist. Omg, I'm jealous! 

Alright, too much words will probably make this post boring. 
So now, pictures time ::

the venue.

it was raining, so that explains the raincoats.

while queueing in the line.

Ciuyi went with her secondary friends too! 
But we were in different zone.

the crowds at approx 6pm.

715pm and we are in! 

awesome Avril's fans I met in the concert.
They are only 15 and 13 years old but I'm the shortest one. wtf
and her shirt wrote I'm With Stupid. double wtf!

this explains our messiness!

crowds leaving the venue. 

Apparently there were some idiots who left way earlier because they were worried about the jam. Bitch please, stay at home if you are afraid of jam -.-

And as usual, after people left, the place was in a mess, raincoats were everywhere and water bottles!

COMPLAIN! *must read*
To whoever going to any concert after this, please bring those super cheap water bottle (seamaster type).


Because the fucked up securities don't let me bring my bottle in and they promised to keep it for me.
After the concert, I went to claim it and they said the garbage collector's lorry came and took all the bottles away! WTFBBQ! My bottle was a Nike one and it cost a bomb okayy! You bimbotic fucked up security!
If you can't keep it then don't take it away from me! You think I'm gonna kill people with my bottle inside is it? -.- Its not like you're gonna pay me! FUCKERS!

p/s : STPM result is coming soon. Rumours about the result date is already going viral but the actual date is not announced yet. Omg, now I'm worried. :(

Thursday, February 16

The Descendants.

Yes, so i won a pair of tickets to watch the premiere screening of The Descendants from Nuffnang! It was my first, so I'm pretty excited to blog about it.

First of all, the journey to Tropicana City Mall was hell of a adventure! Heavy rains, traffic jam, and i was running out of petrol. Seriously?! (not to mention my car got banged yesterday!)
The rain was so heavy that i think some part of KL was flooded. Nevertheless, we made it in time to collect the tickets. And i got 2 button badges from Nuffnang too. giving my sis one :)

The staffs of Nuffnang were friendly, but i pity them for working at such hour :/ A lot of people who went for the screening were in their office wear too, apparently there was no time to go home and bathe first. Besides Nuffnang, ChurpChurp and TheStar was giving out complimentary tickets too!

Subway for dinner because it was just right beside the cinema and we were so lazy to walk elsewhere.

 My date for the night :)

And now, for the movie :

I'll rate it 6.5/10. It was watchable. A lot of vulgars. I think Sen Chen will like it. Haha. Storyline was so so only. And towards the end, it was a bit draggy which i think spoiled the whole movie. Maybe because it was late and i was tired so i don't enjoyed the ending of the story. And some characters were super redundant (eg : Troy). But I like Alexandra (Shailene Woodley) a lot. She was pretty and I think she did a very good job playing the role of a troubled teenager. 

Okay, I don't want to spoil the movie for you. You should probably watch it for yourself.

And thank you Nuffnang for giving me a pair of tickets. It was a great experience after all. :)

Wednesday, February 15

Valentine's Day.

p/s : This is gonna be an angry post! Read at your own risk.

I honestly thinks that this shall be the worst Valentine everr!
Mind you, I don't have a date for Valentine, but shit still happens to me.

#1 It rained so heavily that i got trouble driving to the gym! Thank god i made it for class.

#2 Can you believe it? The queue for Touch N'Go is actually longer than those Tunai lane. wtf is wrong with Kesas.

#3 After i came out of the gym, there was a super freaking long queue outside of BBQ Plaza and Sakae Sushi.
I honestly thinks that these boyfriends are pretty douchebags because hello! Do you not know something called reservation? And you expect your girlfriend to stand with you with her nicely done hair, heels and pretty dress?! Hell no! Epic failed boyfriends!

#4 This was a post-valentine trauma! I got into an accident this morning! 
Thanks to the irresponsible asshole who ran away, my car was scratched like its a besi buruk! Wtf man! I mean did you got dumped yesterday or your Valentine was too happening that you are not fully awake this morning? That was a freaking turning lane and you were going straight? Bitch, i hope you die soon!

And sorry, don't expect me to be a courteous lady because I'm a bitch and that asshole just messed with the wrong one. Yes, i curse like nobody's business. Perhaps i can't do anything now because I couldn't get his car plate number. Karma will play its role!


Note that, I'm a bitch and don't mess with me.

Tuesday, February 14

Katy Perry - Part of Me

Omg, i'm in love with this new song! Its so powerful!
(the song starts after 1.06)

Days like this I want to drive awayPack my bags and watch your shadow fade'Cause you chewed me up and spit me outLike I was poison in your mouthYou took my light, you drained me downThat was then and this is nowNow look at me

This is the part of me that you're never gonna ever take away from me, noThis is the part of me that you're never gonna ever take away from me, noThrow your sticks and your stonesThrow your bombs and your blowsBut you're not gonna break my soulThis is the part of me that you're never gonna ever take away from me, no

I just wanna throw my phone awayFind out who is really there for me'Cause you ripped me off, your love was cheapWas always tearing at the seamsI fell deep and you let me drownBut that was then and this is nowNow look at me

This is the part of me that you're never gonna ever take away from me, noThis is the part of me that you're never gonna ever take away from me, noThrow your sticks and your stonesThrow your bombs and your blowsBut you're not gonna break my soulThis is the part of me that you're never gonna ever take away from me, no

Now look at me, I'm sparklingA firework, a dancing flameYou won't ever put me out againI'm glowing, oh woah ohSo you can keep the diamond ringIt don't mean nothing anywayIn fact you can keep everythingYeah, yeahExcept for me

This is the part of me that you're never gonna ever take away from me, noThis is the part of me that you're never gonna ever take away from me, noThrow your sticks and your stonesThrow your bombs and your blowsBut you're not gonna break my soulThis is the part of me that you're never gonna ever take away from me, no

Katy Perry's song never disappoint me! 

Friday, February 10

CNY 2012

Yeehaw, readers! Miss me? I mean my blog post? Hehe.
Alright, Im here to post about my CNY 2012 :)

This is not gonna be a very long post because the CNY this year was rather normal. :/

First Day!
Usually we'll go temple early in the morning. But according to mom (what she read from those fengshui book), this year is not a very good year for her zodiac (ox), so we ended up not going. So, our whole first day was spent in grandma's house, gambling chatting with cousins.

the siblings! 
We wore the same shirt just different colours from Giordano btw :)

Then at night, we went for a midnight show - All's Well End's Well.
Not as good as expected. I mean every year they are producing the same CNY movie with the same title. Of course its gonna get more and more boring :/
I wanted to watch I Love HK but plan failed miserably! :(

my dear brother!

Second Day!
As for second day, I guess mum went temple! I've been a very unfilial daughter this year because i didn't accompany my mum to the temple even once! Thank god my sis was there! :)

my gorgeous mom! 

and my lovely Aunt!

The night ended with 3rd uncle's open house. Didn't gamble this time. ._. But rather had some productive time with the cousins catching up with each other. You know, I've been pretty busy with STPM last year :/

Third Day!
House visiting babe! My house visiting is kinda special because I have different gangs of friends to attend to :) So the first gang was my EXCO'08! 
The best part of the day, 3rd day of CNY was also Suey Erz's birthday! So we celebrated for her too!
Sweet 20th darling 

At ChingPei's house :)

Celebrating for Suey Erz! She was surprised :D

At SueyErz's place with the pretty boy, Maniraj 

Fourth Day!
House visiting with ze' classmates! This was a hardcore one because we visited from 9am to 11pm! Woots. Starting from KU and went around Klang! We hit up to Kapar 17 too! This was the best day of CNY this year!

ze' awesome classmates.

my chica 

At Jordan's room :)

taken at the beach near Jordan's place. Idk what's the place's name.
But this shot is love! 

We had dinner at Jordan's place too. His mom's soup was simple superb!

Idk what is this called in English but in chinese its called 孔明灯? 
Not sure if its correct too, sorry im not chinese educated! :/

Then, i lost count of the day where i go out with who! 
So the photos below are not in orders!

this was a night-out with the jogging gang! 
Love them to bits!

Last but not least, 
visited relatives too!

 See all the kiddos there, they are my nephews and nieces! Omg, I'm old! 

There's something that i don't really like about visiting relatives. They will always ask you some hard to answer questions! 
The common question : "When you wanna get a boyfriend?"
Bitch please, I'm single but not available!

Not to forget, I did house visiting with my secondary classmates too. But no photos were available because I'm usually their photographer and I did not snap any! -___-

And that's my CNY story!

How was your CNY? Do share with me :)

p/s : I just won 2 screening passes from Nuffnang! Thanks babe :) And result's coming out on 23rd Feb? There's rumour that its coming out in early March too. Fingers are crossed!

Thats all for now!