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Friday, February 10

CNY 2012

Yeehaw, readers! Miss me? I mean my blog post? Hehe.
Alright, Im here to post about my CNY 2012 :)

This is not gonna be a very long post because the CNY this year was rather normal. :/

First Day!
Usually we'll go temple early in the morning. But according to mom (what she read from those fengshui book), this year is not a very good year for her zodiac (ox), so we ended up not going. So, our whole first day was spent in grandma's house, gambling chatting with cousins.

the siblings! 
We wore the same shirt just different colours from Giordano btw :)

Then at night, we went for a midnight show - All's Well End's Well.
Not as good as expected. I mean every year they are producing the same CNY movie with the same title. Of course its gonna get more and more boring :/
I wanted to watch I Love HK but plan failed miserably! :(

my dear brother!

Second Day!
As for second day, I guess mum went temple! I've been a very unfilial daughter this year because i didn't accompany my mum to the temple even once! Thank god my sis was there! :)

my gorgeous mom! 

and my lovely Aunt!

The night ended with 3rd uncle's open house. Didn't gamble this time. ._. But rather had some productive time with the cousins catching up with each other. You know, I've been pretty busy with STPM last year :/

Third Day!
House visiting babe! My house visiting is kinda special because I have different gangs of friends to attend to :) So the first gang was my EXCO'08! 
The best part of the day, 3rd day of CNY was also Suey Erz's birthday! So we celebrated for her too!
Sweet 20th darling 

At ChingPei's house :)

Celebrating for Suey Erz! She was surprised :D

At SueyErz's place with the pretty boy, Maniraj 

Fourth Day!
House visiting with ze' classmates! This was a hardcore one because we visited from 9am to 11pm! Woots. Starting from KU and went around Klang! We hit up to Kapar 17 too! This was the best day of CNY this year!

ze' awesome classmates.

my chica 

At Jordan's room :)

taken at the beach near Jordan's place. Idk what's the place's name.
But this shot is love! 

We had dinner at Jordan's place too. His mom's soup was simple superb!

Idk what is this called in English but in chinese its called 孔明灯? 
Not sure if its correct too, sorry im not chinese educated! :/

Then, i lost count of the day where i go out with who! 
So the photos below are not in orders!

this was a night-out with the jogging gang! 
Love them to bits!

Last but not least, 
visited relatives too!

 See all the kiddos there, they are my nephews and nieces! Omg, I'm old! 

There's something that i don't really like about visiting relatives. They will always ask you some hard to answer questions! 
The common question : "When you wanna get a boyfriend?"
Bitch please, I'm single but not available!

Not to forget, I did house visiting with my secondary classmates too. But no photos were available because I'm usually their photographer and I did not snap any! -___-

And that's my CNY story!

How was your CNY? Do share with me :)

p/s : I just won 2 screening passes from Nuffnang! Thanks babe :) And result's coming out on 23rd Feb? There's rumour that its coming out in early March too. Fingers are crossed!

Thats all for now! 

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