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Wednesday, February 29

The Devil Inside.

Le me won a pair of tickets courtesy of Nuffnang to the premiere of The Devil Inside. I was all hyped up to watch this because I am going with Suez, a very personal best friend. 

p/s : the design of the tickets is enough to fucking scare the shit out of you.

Fyi, I'm not gonna even write a proper synopsis for this movie. 

This movie was the stupidest movie ever! Sorry for the rudeness but, fact is a fact. No wait, I shall say opinion is an opinion. Yes, you heard me. Dumbest movie ever! Don't go waste your money watching it. Thank god the tickets were compliments from Nuffnang. Or else, I'll really kill myself for going that far and pay that much for such movie.

Nevertheless, there really are some suspense in the movie which scares the fuck out of you. This horror movie is rather different. Its about demon possession and exorcism. Not those mainstream horror where there are ghosts with superpowers that come out to suck your blood or to catch you so that you become their substitute. 

But then again, this movie has the worst ending ever! Accidents, blackout, then the end?! Are you fucking kidding me? But then again, the ending can be considered as a suspense too because you really got the shock of your life when the movie ended just like that. Wtf.

Rating : 3/10

Readers, meet Suez! :)

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