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Wednesday, February 22

Avril Lavigne The Black Star Tour Live in Malaysia 2012!

Yes, Avril Lavigne made it to Malaysia! Malaysia was officially the last stop of her Black Star Tour! And i was uber happy that I made it to her concert. To see her walk, sing, jump and jam in front of my own eyes! Unbelievable.

Sad but true, this was my first concert and I'm so glad that i went with Sen Chen and Jackson. They are my best friends for life! Jackson left house as early as 1230pm to pick up Sen Chen but to reach my place only at 2pm -.- blame the jam!

There goes the lunch plan, screwed! 

We reached Stadium Merdeka at around 3pm. Not much crowd yet, but definitely are building up fast. I was very happy because I met Sun Woei who was working for TicketPro. Long time didn't see her but she's still that gorgeous! Too bad i forgot to take a picture with her D:

Proudly, we were the first few to arrive so we queued in front and got a nice spot after entering the stadium! All the long hours of queueing were very much worth it :D

All in all, the concert were really awesome.  Maybe because I knew mostly all her songs and was happily singing along, thats why i enjoyed! Opening performance by a female DJ (DJ Nadine if not mistaken) was great too! She rocks with all her songs mix. I pity Sen Chen because there was a small girl standing beside him that was holding tight to the bar causing him not able to have MORE fun. Haha

Okay, I'm not gonna post the whole list of songs she sang because I obviously don't remember. And yes! She sang bitch instead of chick for SMILE and motherfucking princess instead of one and only princess for GIRLFRIEND!  Her band was very the awesome too! They sang Pumped Up Kicks by Foster the People and it totally rocks! Love them so much!

Another thing, my colleague's friend managed to get a picture with the lead guitarist. Omg, I'm jealous! 

Alright, too much words will probably make this post boring. 
So now, pictures time ::

the venue.

it was raining, so that explains the raincoats.

while queueing in the line.

Ciuyi went with her secondary friends too! 
But we were in different zone.

the crowds at approx 6pm.

715pm and we are in! 

awesome Avril's fans I met in the concert.
They are only 15 and 13 years old but I'm the shortest one. wtf
and her shirt wrote I'm With Stupid. double wtf!

this explains our messiness!

crowds leaving the venue. 

Apparently there were some idiots who left way earlier because they were worried about the jam. Bitch please, stay at home if you are afraid of jam -.-

And as usual, after people left, the place was in a mess, raincoats were everywhere and water bottles!

COMPLAIN! *must read*
To whoever going to any concert after this, please bring those super cheap water bottle (seamaster type).


Because the fucked up securities don't let me bring my bottle in and they promised to keep it for me.
After the concert, I went to claim it and they said the garbage collector's lorry came and took all the bottles away! WTFBBQ! My bottle was a Nike one and it cost a bomb okayy! You bimbotic fucked up security!
If you can't keep it then don't take it away from me! You think I'm gonna kill people with my bottle inside is it? -.- Its not like you're gonna pay me! FUCKERS!

p/s : STPM result is coming soon. Rumours about the result date is already going viral but the actual date is not announced yet. Omg, now I'm worried. :(