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Monday, February 27

This Means War.

I've no intention of watching this movie, neither do I know that it was already showing in the cinema. But, I'm glad Ciuyi called and we went for this show along with Zoey and SenChen. Guess what, I liked it! It was hilarious and dirty at the same time. if you know what i mean.

You'll like this movie if you are the same type of person like me. Or if you just love to laugh at dirty jokes. Haha. 

Synopsis ::
This movie is about FDR ( Chris Pine) and Tuck (Tom Hardy) who were CIA agents that are suspended of mission because the bad guy, Heinrich is seeking revenge of his dead brother killed by them. During this period of time, Tuck signed up on a online dating site and meet Lauren (Reese Witherspoon). After their first meeting, Lauren stopped by a video shop and met FDR. FDR tried to hit on her but with no success. He then goes to her workplace and managed to date her out.

The drama starts when FDR and Tuck, whom are best friends reveal their respective girlfriend to one another only to realise they are the same person- Lauren. Then, they had a so called gentleman's agreement to win Lauren's heart and at the same time not to ruin their friendship. And there goes the beginning of an epic war.

Who gots the chick in the end? 

I don't want to spoil it for you. Go and watch it.

Rating : 7/10.

p/s : my synopsis is wholly-based on the romance part only. As for the Heinrich part, you'll have to watch it yourself. :)

On a separate note, I need advise. Should I grow my hair, cut it short or maintain at current length (3rd pic)?
Please help. 


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