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Monday, December 31

Recap : 2012.

WOW. It's already the last day of 2012. I was so caught up with my revision that it just hit me that 2012 is coming to an end. Another year passed by just like that. Since it's the last day of 2012 already, I figure I'd like to write a blogpost to conclude my year :)

Well, 2012 has been rather happening to me. I feel like I'm exploring the world and stepping into the society already. I'm no longer a girl stuck in the school.  2012 has been a pretty BIGBANG year as well. I'm proud with the fact that I'm now a VIP :))

LOL, I don't wanna write a blogpost full of words about my year because I don't really want to bore you to death. So, let's spice things up with some photos :) Tried my best to place it chronologically.

1. Landed a job in Kota Kemuning and get to know a bunch of awesome adults. Makes me think like an adult too.

pic was during my farewell. Haha

2. Joined Fitness First. it's time to get healthy.

3. Exposed and got addicted to Big Bang.

4. Or specifically, fell in love with G-Dragon.

5. Attended the first concert in my life. Avril Lavigne's Black Star Tour.


6. One of the good friend got married.

7. Won RM300 from

8. Went for roller skating for the first time. Used to do ice skating but first time for roller skate :))

9. Collected STPM result and no straight As. :/ it was far from straight actually..

10. Went for Nuffnang Premiere Screening for the first time. First premiere was The Descendants. Won a few more times after that. :)

11. Did a flashmob in Pavilion, KL.

12. Completed Standard Chartered Fun Run in Putrajaya with kehpoh.

13. Bought the first ever online deal from Groupon. It was a korean dinner deal :)

bibimbap (비빔밥)

14. Attended LG Cinema 3D TV Launch Party by Nuffnang in GSC Signature.

15. Recorded my first YouTube video for 2NE1's 3rd anniversary.

16. Roadtrip with classmates to Tanjung Sepat.

17. Attended cousin brother's convocation in HELP University College.

18. Got addicted to Starbucks and made it our hang out place.

19. Queued for hours to get my hands on Big Bang Alive Galaxy Tour concert tickets.

the queue we endured :'|

20. Did my first ever fan board for my one and only G-Dragon! Thankyou Suez for doing it with me <3 p="p">

final outcome.

21. Got my first manicure.

22. Sent friends away to further studies in oversea :')

23. Won an official Step Up Revolution merchandise.

24. Went vacation with friends. (Trip to Singapore)

25. Met up with Sun Woei in Singapore on her birthday! :))

26. Stepped foot in Universal Studio. 

27. Tried LUGE at night.

28. Got surprised by bestfriends for my 20th. :')

29. Worked as part time in i-City for 8 days.

30. Went for the first dance party in Neverland, OM-G! Alot ppl said it was clubbing since the event took place in a club but no its not, at least to me :p

hot dudes instructors!

30. Met Gandalf Archer (the G in OM-G), program director of Body Jam.

31. Became an undergraduate in USM. So basically I moved to Penang. 

32. Took flight alone for the first time.

33. Received  scholarship from The Star.

35. Changed my 5 year old Nokia to Samsung S3.

36. Celebrated MoonCake Festival away from home. 

37. Online shopping habit got worse. Shipped something from oversea! :D

38. My first ever album. All the way from South Korea :D

39. Participated in Amazing Grace Expedition and explored almost the whole of Penang :D

40. First henna, by Grace :)

41. Went artist-stalking for the first time ever. (duhh, of course its Big Bang)

42. Met with international VIP. Social network is globalizing. LOL

Pookie from Thailand.

Aerna from Singapore.

43. Attended Big Bang's concert with the bestest of bestfriend. :)

44. Started collecting goodies related to Big Bang.

45. Treated mom to a birthday luncheon. (with our own money lol)

46. Sunway Lagoon with classmates, like finally!

47. Farewell for Kien who is migrating to Australia.

48. Bonded with sister's gang thanks to Big Bang :D

49. Became one of the Pesta Makers for Pesta Hoki USM-Penang International. Made friends with international students :)

50. Got 20+ RTs in Twitter lol wtf. Happened just few hours ago btw hahaha

Not sure if I missed any, but these are the ones that I remember. So basically, 2012 has pretty much been a roller coaster ride to me. It definitely passed by fast. I'm glad I made most of the days in 2012 count. :') Thank you to those who appeared in the middle of the way and I sincerely appreciate every friendship that I made this year. From aquantaince to close friends and from strangers to friends. Thank you for spicing up my life!

I'm looking forward for what 2013 has installed for me. 
As for now, I have final exams to sit right after the new year. what a great start. lol

Till then, Happy New Year folks.