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Thursday, March 8


As you all know, STPM result was announced yesterday. Not gonna reveal my result here because it was nothing worth showing off. I assume I did okay, because thats what everyone told me. And now, we are here, at this pathway again. The decision-making stage, to decide what I wanna do next.

Honestly, I'm feeling lost.

I felt I can do better. But yeah, you reap what you sow. I accept my result with an open heart. I'm glad with what I have because I guess I'm a little bit above the average(?) and I hope what I have is enough to get me to a good university. 

It was a pretty bold decision to do science in Form 6 instead of Accounts/Art considering that my sister jumped over to Art and everyone assumed that I would follow her footsteps. 


I don't think I have any. I'm happy being in science class and I know my passion is not in Art.

Now, the time has come again. To choose which university and which course to apply. I personally wanted Engineering, but when everyone ask me, in which major? I just can't answer. :/ Sis suggested Computer Science and Mass Communication, it was a pretty sure thing I can get. But I'll reserve that for my last few choices. Teacher suggested Forensic Science. Researched about it, the job opportunities seems a little bit disappointing though. :(

How now?!
This is gonna be the biggest decision in my life so far. And I'm worried. :/

Dad is good enough to not give me any pressure and ask me to go with what I want. The biggest problem now is I don't even know what I want. Why oh why?! Why am I so indecisive? :( Just kill me already.

Congrats to all that did well. Especially those that got 4.0, you're really a fucking genius! And to those who got 3.92, you're a genius already too! Just that luck wasn't really on your side. A shoutout to Kimberly Yong! Congrats kehpoh! So proud of you :) And to the other kehpoh, I'm sure God has a better plan for you ahead. To my dearest excos, Suey Erz and Pangky, congrats too! You guys did well! :) Love you guys with all my heart. Great to be in Form 6 with all of you. I wouldn't have wanna do it with anyone else! 

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