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Thursday, March 15

Big Bang!

To be honest with you, I was never really VERY into K-Pop. I mean I still listen to it, but not those very crazy fangirl that will go hunting for their latest updates and so on. And in the past, I only listen to 2NE1.

But now, I have a new craze!

My title has already said it all, they are Big Bang! I used to like Big Bang too but for the wrong reasons. Because their all so hot and in the past, I only liked GD and Taeyang. problem? *trollface*

Bigger, Stronger, Better!

Recently, they released their latest mini album, Alive! It was so mind-blowing that it blew me away! Seriously, I never knew K-Pop can give me such feeling! Their songs were all amazing and best part of it, GD was involved in writing all of the songs and the music! Oh my, this boy has got talent!

After I underwent an intense research about Big Bang, I got to know that their group actually faced a lot of problems before making this comeback. For example, GD's marijuana scandal and Daesung's car accident. A lot of people thought that it was the end of Big Bang! They proved them wrong.

Knowing that they are such a strong group makes me fell depper in love with them! Now, I love Big Bang as a whole! I love every single member of Big Bang as they are unique in their own way. But still, GD took my whole heart away! He's just so talented! Regarding his new hairstyle, don't really liked it. But I love how his hair move around when he's headbanging in the Fantastic Baby MV! So sexy that I melt!

I always think guys with single eyelid + mata sepet cute and sometimes hot! 
Taeyang just proved me right!
Especially when he smiles! His eyes become (n.n) 

Now, I can proudly declare myself a VIP! I'm still a Blackjack by the way! :) Feeling happy too because 2NE1 and Big Bang are both from YGE and they are best friends! 

Best of both world!

There's a story behind Fantastic Baby's MV. Check it out here: TKPA.

And now, check out the video and get ready to get your mind blown! 
Blue and Fantastic Baby are totally two different genres of song. This proved how volatile Big Bang is and they deserve to be the best!

Big Bang are back for good and they are here to stay!
Haters, you can now go to your mama and cry.

I do not own any of these pictures and videos. All pictures and videos are courtesy of Google Image and Youtube

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