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Monday, May 24

ze' orientation week.

Thus, ze' end of orientation week.
Never expected it to be that short.
Hoped it will be longer though.
loved my group a.k.a Group 4!
And nice to meet you all juniors juniors and seniors seniors sekalian.
Had a blast for sure! =)

Some photos to share :

1st photo, dedicated to my B!


43's representatives. =)


mr. STK


seniors sekalian.

the random one.

random #2

ze' end.

Love MPP'10!
you guys rock!

p/s: ignore the idiot who wrote to SinChew. he should be drowned! pfft.

Wednesday, May 19

i'm not this. wait, i'm not that too.

So far..
Had been very busy with schools, tuitions and red crescents.
Felt satisfied with the packed schedule.
It made time flies and i know i'm a step further to my future.

So people, i will be updating my blog less already since I will be getting more and more busy.
I'll update asap okehh..
Can't wait for tomorrow's orientation!
sooooo excited!!!!!

Will blog about the orientation week once its over.
Stay tuned!

Monday, May 10

First day of school.

My school life is back.
I just cant wait to study lah.
First day was quite disappointing.
Imagine we were taught to sing the School Song and Malaysia Berjaya song for the whole day?
Don't the MTE have any better things to do.
So lame lah.
They don't even introduce themselves.
What? Your name made of gold is it?
And i hate it when they purposely make people's life suffer.

Commitee= MTE punya orang.
Junior= us.
...= singing
Comittee: Ok, sekarang kita nyanyi lagu sekolah bersama-sama.
Commitee: semua sudah tahu nyanyikan? Ada sesiapa yang tak tahu lagi?
2 of the juniors raise their hand.
Commitee: Kamu keluar.
Then they both walked out.
Commitee: Kamu tak tahu nyanyikan, then kamu nyanyi di depan mereka sampai kamu tahu.
Junior: Kami betul tak tahu nyanyi lah.

See! The MTE is so psychotic! People already say they don't know how to sing. They still ask them to sing in front of the class. They thought the juniors were trying to fool them. Please lah, u think too much right?

After school went to meet with SueyErz with Pangky. Oh btw, Pang taught me a shortcut!=)
STAR's Form 6 is way much better as for the first day. But according to her, there were many Lalas from RZ. Idk. However, still grateful with High School lah. Hope the MTE have better things for us to do tomorrow. don't be lame k.

p/s: the best part today was getting to know new friends. HAHA! There is a Wira in my class! LOL. thats his name k.

i just love this pic!

Toodles ppl, sleep time.

Saturday, May 8

deeper in me.

Life ain't the way i wanted it to be.
I am..



Wednesday, May 5

the WOAH experience..

Today I went to school, with Kathereen, KaiSin, SiewLye, NyukFen to get all the documents needed for Form 6 to be chopped and signed by ze principal.
Waited for her.
i wonder why important people loved it when people waited for them.
After that, passed by Bilik Guru, had a brief conversation with our ex AddMath teacher, Mr. Leong.
i miss his class lahh. =(
Then, saw some juniors and gossiped for a while. =)
We went to the counsellors for some advises before entering Form 6.
Chatted for don't know how long...
Left school at 12.30pm.

Went home, took a shower, had my brunch, then waited for SiewLye, NyukFen and KaiSin to come to my house, then we went to buy uniforms together. loved the times we hangout together.

At about 3.30pm, went to Delta HQ to meet up with the B, for tuition class.
yeah, tuition class is starting already, say goodbye to freedom, hello to hectic.
But class ended early because there was not much students. HAHA
B fetched me home, but i forgot to bring my keys, and no one's home.
So, we went Setia Alam for a light tea. oh wait, its not tea time. ugh, whatever.
Something happened on the way back. shame on me.
won't elaborate it here because its stupid. if you wanna know, here you go.
Guess thats all for my day.

Yay, I'm going back to schooling life, wtf.

Monday, May 3

P is coming my way. =)

Super super estatic!
I pass my driving exam, all in one time!
Which means i no need to repeat any exam.
So happeh.

But but,
something that pissed me off was about the "On The Road" test.
So fake lah, the officer actually asked me not to drive till the U-Turn place but go back after the roundabout.
And fuck the officer for keep scolding me.
There is a fucking sign saying had laju 30km/jam, why you keep asking me to speed?
Whats wrong with you?
I don't mean to say this but i have to say it.
My driving school, had already settled it for us, meaning we "bungkus" lo.
But my friend, Kiribanath, who did not "bungkus" got "Kandas".
Its so obvious that he can drive, but the JPJ officer still fail him.
Its so fucking unfair.
Last time, i used to not believe this, but now, it happened in front of me!
we must "bungkus" in order to get pass.
Worst of that is, he did adjust the side mirror, but the officer said he didn't.
And minus his mark.
While, a aunty, i think she's a indonesian, rolled down during the hill part.
But, she still get to finish the test and got "Lulus".
I mean she freaking Lulus-ed.
Screw it lah.
Wonders how much the aunty paid.
Malaysia malaysia, what else i can say?

whatever lah, the most important part for me was, i PASSED!

Sunday, May 2

a ride with SenChen ♥

Okayy, last Thursday, like finally, I boarded on Sen Chen's car.
He fetched me to work! HAHA
Thanks B.

To, Sen Chen,
That ride was not really scary nor creepy. HAHA. But I'm quite disappointed that you're driving AUTO instead of manual. But, its your mom's car right. And your wira, better make sure its MANUAL! Because manual is so much COOLER! Teehee~

Posted B. =))