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Monday, May 3

P is coming my way. =)

Super super estatic!
I pass my driving exam, all in one time!
Which means i no need to repeat any exam.
So happeh.

But but,
something that pissed me off was about the "On The Road" test.
So fake lah, the officer actually asked me not to drive till the U-Turn place but go back after the roundabout.
And fuck the officer for keep scolding me.
There is a fucking sign saying had laju 30km/jam, why you keep asking me to speed?
Whats wrong with you?
I don't mean to say this but i have to say it.
My driving school, had already settled it for us, meaning we "bungkus" lo.
But my friend, Kiribanath, who did not "bungkus" got "Kandas".
Its so obvious that he can drive, but the JPJ officer still fail him.
Its so fucking unfair.
Last time, i used to not believe this, but now, it happened in front of me!
we must "bungkus" in order to get pass.
Worst of that is, he did adjust the side mirror, but the officer said he didn't.
And minus his mark.
While, a aunty, i think she's a indonesian, rolled down during the hill part.
But, she still get to finish the test and got "Lulus".
I mean she freaking Lulus-ed.
Screw it lah.
Wonders how much the aunty paid.
Malaysia malaysia, what else i can say?

whatever lah, the most important part for me was, i PASSED!

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