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Wednesday, May 5

the WOAH experience..

Today I went to school, with Kathereen, KaiSin, SiewLye, NyukFen to get all the documents needed for Form 6 to be chopped and signed by ze principal.
Waited for her.
i wonder why important people loved it when people waited for them.
After that, passed by Bilik Guru, had a brief conversation with our ex AddMath teacher, Mr. Leong.
i miss his class lahh. =(
Then, saw some juniors and gossiped for a while. =)
We went to the counsellors for some advises before entering Form 6.
Chatted for don't know how long...
Left school at 12.30pm.

Went home, took a shower, had my brunch, then waited for SiewLye, NyukFen and KaiSin to come to my house, then we went to buy uniforms together. loved the times we hangout together.

At about 3.30pm, went to Delta HQ to meet up with the B, for tuition class.
yeah, tuition class is starting already, say goodbye to freedom, hello to hectic.
But class ended early because there was not much students. HAHA
B fetched me home, but i forgot to bring my keys, and no one's home.
So, we went Setia Alam for a light tea. oh wait, its not tea time. ugh, whatever.
Something happened on the way back. shame on me.
won't elaborate it here because its stupid. if you wanna know, here you go.
Guess thats all for my day.

Yay, I'm going back to schooling life, wtf.

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