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Monday, April 22

[TUTORIAL] How to Crop a T-Shirt.

Do you always get free t-shirts that is so oversized that it make you look like some horrible fat/short monster? No matter how nice the shirt is, you can only wear it as your pajamas? Well I do! And I hate the fact that I have so many nice shirts but they are all so big on me. Blame myself for not being confident and always choose the M size instead of S! :( 

So frustrated with it that I decided to crop my top! I think the outcome was pretty decent and presentable. A lot of my coursemates praised the crop top. So, I'd like to share it with my dear readers, yes you! :3

p/s : The cropped top below belong to my friend who asked for my favor to help crop her top. My top (black) was cropped with another friend.

A preview of how the outcome is.. :)

All you need is a big oversized t-shirt with a pair of (preferably super sharp) scissors.

Well, this is how the shirt look like initially, so pretty yet so boring. LOL
ignore my slipper.

Firstly, you wear the shirt and mark it 2 fingers' distance below your waist.
(you can go higher if you want to expose your belly)

As for the sleeves, measure around 2 inch from the armpit area and cut it upward and outward diagonally.
This will help to make the drop-shoulder effect.

Cut it upward and outward diagonally like this.

This is how it looks like after all the cutting up to this point.
Notice that the sleeves are not even. 
You cut trim it again if you want to but it doesn't really matter.

Now to the collar, cut around 2-3 inch downward from the center of the collar like in the picture above.
(you can go deeper if you wanna to show more cleavage chest lol)

Then, cut it upward according to the round neck all the way for both left and right.

This is how it looks like.

After that, cut a straight line across for the back.
(note that if you curve it, it might end up too loose later on)

And that's it for the sleeves and collar part. Stretch it a little so that your shirt will curve on its own to hide all the cut marks. You can stop here if you want a simple crop top. :))

Or if you wanna make it a little bit more hippie, see below! :)

From the bottom edge, cut tiny strips to make it into fringe.
Again, the length is up to you depending on whether you wanna expose your belly or not.
(you can put a cellophane tape across so that your fringe is of equal length)
(or if you're creative, you can do a high-low fringe)

NOTE : Never cut the front and back fringe together so that the fringe will appear more natural and messy instead of being so orderly front and back.

This is how it should look like after cutting.

Here comes the fun part. :3
Stretch the strips one by one to make it long and thin and more natural-looking.

Ta-daa! Post-stretch effect.

And here you go!
Cropped fringe top! :))

The fringe part.

How it looks like when worn.

The beauty of a cropped top lies on all the imperfect cut that you do!
So don't worry about the cuttings, all the stretching will cover it up :)
Try it and share a picture with me on Twitter or Instagram!
Happy trying! 


Monday, April 15

My Fitness Progress (1)

Hello and sorry for being MIA for so long again! 
I was pretty busy with my assignments and you know you it gets harder when you get shitty assignment mates! :x

Okay, shits aside. It's the end of my one week holiday and I'm back in Penang already. So sorry that I didn't get to meet so many of yous! Gotta admit I was pretty lazy to go out and I prefer to just stay home, spend some time with my mom! :) And assignments were being bitches too. :/

Back to the main point of this post! 
Well, a lot of people told me that I lost weights. Thank you and I'm flattered! :))
Truth is, I've been trying to workout consistently and to eat as clean as possible despite staying in hostel and not having a kitchen to myself. So far, my progress is pretty decent and the results are showing!

I'm happy.

Current status check :

Tummy is going off. 
Hoping for some baby abs to come out soon.
(not working my legs because its toned enough :/)

Is my bicep scaring you? 
Triceps are doing well too :)

My tummy obviously shrinked! :')

I love the feeling of being drenched in sweats! I've wasted the past 20 years of my life being unhealthy. I wanna make a change. I'm trying to make this a lifestyle instead of just making it a mission to achieve my ideal body.

I swear I'm the laziest person you will ever find. So if I can do this, you can too! 
Start today, you will thank yourself in the future :))
Here's to a ripped and lean body! 


Stay tuned for a before/after picture! ;)