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Monday, April 30

Roller skating : The Wheels, Subang Avenue.


Catching up with friends is definitely something I enjoyed doing very much. I can never imagine how my life will be if I was to have no friend. This outing was planned long ago because Kim bought some deals from an online buying site and the coupons are gonna expire if we don't use it any soon.

So yeah, this group of friend is called the ladies (aka Photography Club's subunit) cum Jogging Gang!

Missing were : Lawrence, Wai Zen, Peng Lan!

The outing was almost called off because : 
   1) Someone kegao go change the time. -.-
   2) It was the Bersih Rally day. Parents are worried.

But nevertheless, it was carried on as usual! :D

So, the flow of the day :

Lunch at Subway! 
p/s : Seafood and Crab, not recommended.

take #1

take #2

Highlight of the day : Roller Skating!

with the gang :)

with the girls :)

Skating half way with Peik Lai!

Comments : 
Worth a try! Because Subang Avenue is still quite new and many shops are not opened yet, so it was kinda quiet and have not much visitors. By the way, they provide free parking! But I guess they will start charging for parking soon as the number of shops and visitors increases. 

Bring plaster if you are newbie in skating. There are many pros there so if you don't mind, you can ask someone to guide you on the basic like balancing and moving. You get so sweat a lot also, so its like you are working out too :)


After skating, we were dead thirsty and Kim and I craved for Snowflakes. So, to Snowflakes at SS15! There were promotions so we ordered Combo A and Combo B plus add on of 2 cups of bubble milk tea. Total, 5 bowls of snowflakes and 2 cups of bubble milk tea. We were given a Beeping UFO that vibrates when your order is done, so that you don't have to stand at the counter and wait for your order. How considerate :) 
Totally recommend the Tofu series! It was really smooth and not too sweet to go with..

Beeping UFO :)

the nuts was ze' bomb!
SenChen's favourite :)

Reached home at 7pm and went dinner with brother and mum.
Shopping at Giant after dinner.

And that sums up my Saturday! Ending this post with a picture of yours truly :)

Vlog by Kim :)

Saturday, April 28


Warning : This post is gonna be a bit emo. 
I'm not emo but this is what that is running through my skull.

Two roads diverges into the wood...

Yes, the result for universities's interviews are out. And heck, I got shortlisted for USM's Communication. Good thing or bad thing? This really makes me think a lot. Since graduating from Form 5, I've always wanted to do Communication. But then, there is a part in me that wants to continue with Science, which lead me to Form 6's science stream.

And damn, I did bad for STPM. Like seriously bad to the extent where even I am disappointed with myself. If you think me feeling bad about my result makes you feel worse, stop reading and go fuck yourself.

But still, the part in me that wants to do Engineering is still there, hoping to be a professional in the future. Can I cope with it? After tripping down so hard in STPM :( Honestly, I got no faith to ace Engineering. Lots of people keep telling me that Mass Comm is suitable for me. Really?!

I don't want to regret about this in the future.

Choosing Mass Comm means that I'll be spending the next four years in Penang. Or shall I risk getting Engineering and stay in Selangor? But if I were to reject USM, I might end up in Sabah/Sarawak as well. Some of my friends are brave enough to apply to Kelantan. Salute them. 

"Sor Wen, Mass Comm is really suitable for you.." - Miss Margaret Chia.

"She made the right choice." - YeeLing's Dad.

"Go ahead, take it. I think you will do well. A lot of my friends that did Mass Comm are very successful now. But if you get Engineering then you go for Engineering.." - Mr. Moay. 


The problem with the system is, the result of USM will be released earlier than the other varsities. If I were to reject Communication, I don't know whether I can get Engineering or not. I guess Computer Science is just not my field. Can't even bear to imagine me doing programming for the rest of my life. Worst still, I might be offered some alien course that is not even in my list of choices.

The system is just so fucked up. Why can't they just announce it together? Or at least, USM is announced together with the Research Universities.

Another setback, I feel really sad just by thinking of how far all of my friends will grow apart. Kim's going for music in UM/UPM. Suez will be doing TESL in UM. Jordan might be in Johor. since he got shorlisted by UTHM. Pang, UKM/UMS? Siewlye, Melaka/Terengganu? KahKing, Kelantan? SenChen, no idea yet. 


Can you imagine this happening? *flipstable*

Enough of scaring myself. Better make sure I pass the interview before I talk any cock anymore. I shall just die in this dilemma. :(

Tuesday, April 24

Excite Your Senses with LG Cinema 3D Smart TV!

Movies and dramas has always been my thing. I call myself a TV-addict since I was 7 years old. And truth to be told, TV has been my best friend for the longest time I know! As for now, television has definitely evolved in a good way. 

From my grandparents's generation. The one that my grandpa have to adjust the antenna just to get the right frequency for me to watch my favourite Power Rangers in action.

The TV of my childhood! This was the TV that I literally grow up using. From playing Street Fighter to Bomberman to dramas. All are done with this magic TV box!

The current TV in my home. As time evolved, humans opt to go for a better viewing experience. We must grow with time and follow the flow right? Since plasma TV became the trend, my family got one too!

And now, for the latest evolution of television history, the LG Cinema 3D Smart TV. With the new Cinema Screen Design, featuring a 1mm bezel, creating a more optimal and comfortable environment for immersive 3D viewing, it will definitely enhance our visual and audio senses! And hey, how could I be left out?!

As a TV-addict, I really hope that I will get to enjoy this 3D experience first-hand! And heck, my drama and movie experience at home will be as good as in IMAX! 

Thrilled about it? Check it out today :)

Friday, April 20

Life of an artist.

Do you want to be an artist? Do you envy all those spotlights and attention they are getting? Let me tell you, don't.

As you guys know, I recently have turned into a hardcore VIP. When I say hardcore, I mean I'll stalk their youtube channel and fansites everyday. You heard me, EVERY SINGLE DAY! They are the reason I'm working diligently in the office because that's how I get the time to stalk them! :D

Okay, grandmother stories aside. As a concerned fan, I pity them for their super busy schedule. Sometimes I wonder how many hours of sleep are they getting. Can you imagine, after the latest mini album was released, they've been flying everywhere! From Japan to Korea back to Japan then to Korea again then to Thailand to Taiwan then to Vietnam back to Japan and now in Korea! You think that's fun? Imagine everytime when you got to the airport, thousands of fans swarm around you and the whole airport is filled with those annoying high-pitched fan screams. Even I myself got annoyed just by watching it from fancam.

Travelling and promotions aside, they are super busy with a lot of variety shows too! First was Running Man. Second was Healing Camp. Then, You and I. And many more many more. As a fan, I do enjoy watching them on variety shows because I get to see the goofy off-stage sides of them! 

But, its just too tiring.

And now that their popularity is at peak, they are endorsing various products too! G-Market, Jeju Airlines, Yamaha TTX, Fubu, Sunny 10 and the latest one, a public CF for Visit Korea 2012! You tell me now, you tell me! How packed their schedules are!

On the filming set of "Visit Korea 2012" CF

Performing in Vietnam.

As guests in "Go Show".

Pictures for G-Market.

Filming a new MV.

Pictures are all taken from Bigbangupdates. 

I do feel bad for them as they don't really have any proper rest time. Behind all those glory and fame that we see, is their hard works and sleepless nights. In one of the variety show, GD actually said that he have no free time and he works all the time! 

Pathetic, no?

But thankfully he loved his job! :D

So people, teenagers, daydreamers, please don't dream of being an artist if you cannot handle such life. :)

End of my rant post. 

I hope Big Bang can get some good rest and keep up their good works!
Big Bang fighting! <3

Monday, April 16

Audrey turned 20!

I guess I'm having insomnia. Despite being tired from the end of my hair to the end of my toe, I'm here blogging instead of sleeping! Anyway, I'm excited about this post because its one of my craziest friend's birthday! Love her so so so much! because she tells me alot about kpop (Big Bang) hahaha

First of all take a look at the lovely prima donna of the night! :)

ze' birthday girl 

Tell me, isn't she lovely?

And now, have a look at the cake! :)

p/s : the chinese character was her nickname, we did not just simply write it!

ze' birthday girl had turned into a happy girl.

Honestly, it was just a very simple celebration with some classmates and we celebrated it a day before her birthday. She's spending the real day with her love. Ahem.

ze' ladies!

Bought a MNG tank top for her. The best part of it was when she texted me telling that it fits her! Woots, I'm getting better at analyzing people's body figure. *grins*

Lastly, a group photo of classmates present!

we are the cham-able ones! :D

Confession ::

Hey you Audrey Pang! When you read this, I want you to know that I'm super super glad to have you in my life. Life will be so different without you! Although I only know you in Form 6, i never regretted a day being friend with you! Thanks for always sharing all the Kpop stuff with me. And I love hearing you talk with the funny accent of your own, its so contagious just so you know, because Tiffany tends to copy you! If you know what I mean. Hahaha 
(lets hope she won't see this.)


More years of friendship to come! :D

p/s : I'll remember which one is your house next time! Hehe

And now, ending this post with a SS shot! :D

Goodnight! Much loves.

Thursday, April 5

Review : The Hunger Games

First of all, sorry for the late update on the review of this movie. And I know a lot of you have already watched it. And yes, I hope you guys feel worth it as I'm gonna give quite a positive review. :)

Second, thanks to Nuffnang and Churp Churp for giving us complimentary premiere screening tickets, again!  However, this time, I did not win. Thanks Sen Chen for bringing me to the screening! :D

Synopsis ::

This story is about a tradition of Panem, where they host a game called The Hunger Game-out of 24 tributes, only 1 will survive and win and be granted wealth. And of all 12 districts, they have to send 2 tributes each aged between 12-18. Katniss (Jennifer Lawrence) volunteered to replace her younger sister, Primrose. Together with her is Peeta Mellark (Josh Hutcherson) representing the 12th district.

Thus, they were brought to the Capitol, where they met the other 22 tributes from the other districts. Katniss and Peeta are mentored by a past winner of the Hunger Game also form 12th district, Haymitch.

In the end, who survived and win?

You'll have to watch it yourself.

Rating : 7.5/10

Trivia :
- Romance did spark between Katniss and Peeta, I guess.
- Gale's role was kinda redundant. Could have given him more scenes.
- The people in Capitol are strongly influenced by Lady Gaga's fashion.

Overall, the night was fun! Because 6 of us went for the screening. PTL for 3 of my friends won the tickets making 6 of us able to go. Thanks Pangky for driving me and Kim there. :) 

p/s : pictures are kinda limited because I don't remember snapping much that night. We made a vlog regarding this review too. Will post it up once its done editing!

Flashmob this Sunday! My first :)