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Monday, April 30

Roller skating : The Wheels, Subang Avenue.


Catching up with friends is definitely something I enjoyed doing very much. I can never imagine how my life will be if I was to have no friend. This outing was planned long ago because Kim bought some deals from an online buying site and the coupons are gonna expire if we don't use it any soon.

So yeah, this group of friend is called the ladies (aka Photography Club's subunit) cum Jogging Gang!

Missing were : Lawrence, Wai Zen, Peng Lan!

The outing was almost called off because : 
   1) Someone kegao go change the time. -.-
   2) It was the Bersih Rally day. Parents are worried.

But nevertheless, it was carried on as usual! :D

So, the flow of the day :

Lunch at Subway! 
p/s : Seafood and Crab, not recommended.

take #1

take #2

Highlight of the day : Roller Skating!

with the gang :)

with the girls :)

Skating half way with Peik Lai!

Comments : 
Worth a try! Because Subang Avenue is still quite new and many shops are not opened yet, so it was kinda quiet and have not much visitors. By the way, they provide free parking! But I guess they will start charging for parking soon as the number of shops and visitors increases. 

Bring plaster if you are newbie in skating. There are many pros there so if you don't mind, you can ask someone to guide you on the basic like balancing and moving. You get so sweat a lot also, so its like you are working out too :)


After skating, we were dead thirsty and Kim and I craved for Snowflakes. So, to Snowflakes at SS15! There were promotions so we ordered Combo A and Combo B plus add on of 2 cups of bubble milk tea. Total, 5 bowls of snowflakes and 2 cups of bubble milk tea. We were given a Beeping UFO that vibrates when your order is done, so that you don't have to stand at the counter and wait for your order. How considerate :) 
Totally recommend the Tofu series! It was really smooth and not too sweet to go with..

Beeping UFO :)

the nuts was ze' bomb!
SenChen's favourite :)

Reached home at 7pm and went dinner with brother and mum.
Shopping at Giant after dinner.

And that sums up my Saturday! Ending this post with a picture of yours truly :)

Vlog by Kim :)

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